March 30, 2013

Happy Easter



Tips To Help You Name Your Character

To me, naming characters is the best part of writing a book. I LOVE adding characters, making their names and everything. Now, we are going to go through this together, I’m going to write a book and we are going to go through tips I get together. Here are some names to get YOU started. (P.S. PLEASE tell me in the comments below if I put 2 of the same name. Not like Taylor being a girl and boy and but like Abrielle and Abrielle both in the girl column. THANKS!!)

Boy Names
Hector, David, Gregory, Ralph, Nate, Nathan, Will, William, Keith, Michael, Mitchell, Eli, Joe, Matt, Grant, Adam, Jon, Aaron, Jim, Bob, Jason, Jacob, Dan, Allen, James, Bill, Isaiah, Scott, Jeremiah, Jeremy, Andrew, Drew, Justin, Timothy, Kevin, Nick, Jonathan, Stephen, Taylor, Evan, Tim, Peter, Paul, Jared, Edward, Ryan, Travis, Carter, Braden, Sam, Bert, Robert, Rob, Steve, Luke, Cameron, Ron, Ben, Benjamin, Darrell, Rich, Randall, Mark, Al, Josh, Jake, Jack, Pete, Larry, Lois, Gary, Neil, Phillip, Phil, Morgan, Brett, Ken, Jackson, Eric, Francis, Bruce, Rick, Ruben, Jordan, Brandon, Karston, Nicolas, Darren, Christopher, Jeff, Conner, Ray, Jay, Barry, Grant, Chad, Todd, Anthony, Tony, Gordon, Noah, Mike, Logan, Alex, Russell, Wayne, Carl, Don, Doug, Warren, Gary, Randy, Frank, Dale, Floyd, Manny, Sparky, Chuck, Colin, Corin, Levi, Lloyd, and Uriah.
Boy Name Meanings
Alexander Leader
Andrew Manly
Anthony Inestimable
Christopher Follower of Christ
Daniel a Judge
David Beloved
Ethan Strong
Jacob Favored
Joseph Jehovah Increases
Joshua Saver
Matthew God’s Gift
Michael Godly
Nicholas Victor
Ryan Capable
William Brave

Girl Names
Bridget, Carol, Vitoria, Tiffany, Jennifer, Esther, Naomi, Ruth, Jael, Sophie, Sofia, Patricia, Violet, Gabrielle, Ashley, Kristal, Kelsey, Stephanie, Amanda, Karen, Kathy, Lindsay, Lauren, Allison, Allie, Hailey, Emily, Lori, Ami (Amy, Amie), Christi (Kristi, Kristy, Christy), Karis, Martha, Linda, Christiana, Christina, Christine, Mandi (Mandy), Tessa, Taylor, Faith, Joy, Diane, Diana, Bethany, Chelsea, Valerie, Vanessa, Helen, Rachel, Kylie, Catherine (Katherine), Amelia, Jenna, Lena, Juliana, Courtney, Mariana, Cassie, Nikki, Tamara, Pauline, Ronda, Heather, Autumn, Arianna, Mariann, Haven, Aliana, Alina, Melina, Jocelyn, Carla, Claire, Clarice, Melissa, Jordan,  Jada, Maya, Lynn, Tori (Tory), Nancy, Melody, Laura, Kimberly, Charity, Paula, Clarissa, Kelly, Trinity, Destiny, Molly, Annie, Jenni (Jenny, Jennie), Adelaide, Wendy, Janie, Sydney, Abi (Abby, Aby, Abbie), Samantha, Angela, Ella, Alexis, Jessica, Lisa, Grace, Julia, Julie, Lexie, Bianca, Ali (Allie), Isabelle, Joanna, Elise, Hailey, Ava, Seun (Say-youn), Manin, Priscilla, Elizabeth (Elisabeth), Jessie, Bailey, Alexandra, Jemma, Audrey, Gloria, Sara, Jane, Ashlynn, Amber, Abigail, McKenzie, Blair, McKenna, Bernadette, Abrielle, Robin, and Morgan.

Girl Name Meanings
Abigail Father’s Joy
Alexis Helper
Ashley Ash Tree Meadow
Ava Bird
Elizabeth Godly
Emily Worker
Emma Complete
Grace Grace
Hannah Grace
Isabella God’s Oath
Madison Child of Matthew
Olivia Peace
Samantha Listener
Sarah Princess
Sophia Wise

Tips on Naming YOUR Character(s)

1.                  Choose a Character Name That is Age-Appropriate.
Many authors make a mistake by making the character’s name that would be popular today but not when the character was born. First, decide the age of your character, then calculate the year your character was born. Another thing, you want to make sure the character’s name is from his or her country. Some countries have the same names such as David and Mary. Others you need to find a name from that country.

2.                 What kind of Name do you Want?
DO you want a name with a great meaning? Do you want just a name? Or do you want a famous name? This all, really, depends on what you want to do. I like some names better than others. Even if you do not choose a name by meaning, you should check out what the meeting is any way. Vote on the names and then choose if you have too many names you like so much.

3.                 You need a last name.
You always need to have a last name for your character. Always. If it’s a child he/she defiantly need a last name. If it is an adult you really do need to have a last name. Search the internet for different last name websites.

Most of all, Have LOTS of fun naming your character!!

Abrielle Lindsay

The Questions Start

The Questions Start
      Ali was mad. 'What kind of person would do such a thing to little 3rd grade girl?' she thought. Ali decided to show it to Miss Woods, who showed it to Mr. Mr. Martinez, who thought something, should be done about it.
    Could all the 5th grade girls come to the office? If it is not possible or if you don't want to, you don't have to. Mrs. Watson announced over the intercom.
     They'll never come. I know those girls. Mr. Martinez said.
     I had Aloha; you never know with her, she figures out plots easily. I COULD NOT pull a prank on her on April fools day. No matter what. Miss Woods said.
    Aloha and China looked at each other.
      'Should we go?' mouthed China.
      'Later' Aloha mouthed back.
     What!? China accidentally said, Oops.
     China, do you have something to say? said Mr. Black, do I need to do a note check?
     No, sir, replied China.
     Well, then I think you should head down to the office.
     Yes sir.
    China! Only you wanted to come? Mr. Martinez was surprised
     I was sent here by my teacher, I was called on the intercom.                   
      Oh, right. Ill get Mrs. Watson for you.
    Did you send a note to Ali lately? asked Mrs. Watson.
     No China replied.
     Yah, can I see it?
     Ok Now they were both skeptical.
China looked at the note and then she saw something: China.
     What in the world?! My signature doesn't look like that. Here Ill write it for you:
     Hmm, well, do you know who could have done this? asked Mrs. Watson.
     Dakota would be my best guess, but I don't think any of us would do something like that, plus we can all write each other signatures. Except Aloha. replied China
    Good point, I'll ask someone else. Any ideas?

March 28, 2013

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!

Abrielle, Adelaide, and Amanda want to wish Abrielle’s sis. a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Growing Up

Rachel Yoder! The last one :’(.
1.      Growing Up
2.      Rachel Yoder-Always Trouble Somewhere
3.      Book #, 8
4.    By, Wanda E. Brunstetter
5.      Age level, 10-14
6.    Target Audience, Girls
7.     Stars, 5++
8.     Violence: none
9.     Pages: 153
10. Main Characters: Click HERE (Esther has her baby boy, Ben.)

                        Abrielle Lindsay

March 27, 2013

Jumping to Conclusions

Rachel Yoder!

1.     Title: Jumping to Conclusions
2.    Series: Rachel Yoder-Always Trouble Somewhere
3.     Book #: 7
4.   By, Wanda E. Brunstetter
5.    Age Level: 10-14
6.   Target Audience: Mainly Girls
7.    Stars: 5++
8.    Violence: none
9.   Pages: 156
10.                       Main Characters: Click HERE (Mom has her baby, Hannah.) 

      Abrielle Lindsay

Ali and Her Enemies: Part One

Ali and Her Enemies
By, Adelaide

Chapter One
The Fun  
“Can you please pass the salt?” asked Ali. She was at school, pretending to think she was at home. It was a lot of fun, especially to see her teacher react. But her teacher didn't, she just said “Ok, here you go”, and passed her a bag of salt. “But wait, you don't have anything to go with your salt, here are some French fries,” Miss Woods. A couple people snickered.
     That afternoon, some more kids started doing the same thing. During P.E., one boy named Ailill Anderson was saying “But I don’t want to run around, my favorite T.V. Show is on.” Everyone thought that was just hysterical, “Me too,” said Ali, “Me three” called out another kid, A chorus of “Me ...” filled the gym. “Ok, how about we record them?” Mr. Martinez asked. A soft drone of oks, fines, and awes responded to him.
     The next day, Ali found a not in her locker. It said:
     We agree that your behavior yesterday was childish and foolish. Please grow up. That stuff is for kids.
                                  Aloha          Alice          Casey
                                                                             China           Flora          Dakota
                                      The 5th grade girls

March 23, 2013

Just Plain Foolishness

I LOVE Rachel Yoder!
1.      Title: Just Plain Foolishness
2.      Series: Rachel Yoder – Always Trouble Somewhere
3.      Book # 6
4.    By, Wanda E. Brunstetter
5.      Age Level: 10 – 14
6.    Target Audience: Mainly girls
7.     Stars: 5++
8.     Violence: none
9.     Pages: 159
10. Main Characters: Click HERE, but we need to add some new main characters, Sherry and Dave, Sherry (and kind of Dave) appear in the first book. (BTW, Sherry and Dave are English and not Amish)
                  Abrielle Lindsay

March 22, 2013


Holes is my FAVORITE book. I know, it has 50 chapters, but some are less than a page long. I have read this 3, no 4, times each time I think I have finished it in 3 days. I hope you will go and get the book and read itin less than 3 days!

Seires: This is not in a series.
Title: Holes
Author(s): Louis Sacher
Age Level: My brother (who is 9, almost 10) read this, but I would suggest it for 10-16
Target Audience: Mainly boys (probably) BUT after all, it's my favorite book and I'm a girl!
Stars: 5
Violence: 1/4
·       Talks of an outlaw from a long time ago and the woman outlaw killing people
Pages: 233

Main Characters:
      Stanley Yelnats (Caveman)
      Zero (Hector Zeroni)
      Mr. Pendanski
      Mr. Sir
      The Warden

About The Main Characters:
Stanley: The main character in the book. He is a Camp Green Lake    for no reason. The shoes just fell from the sky. And he didn't know who they belong to. How could he know?
Zero (Hector): This kid is not an American (don't ask me I don't       remember). He wants to learn to read and he doesn't like to answer questions.
X-ray: This (obviously) is not his real name (I think it's Theodore). He   seems to be in charge of all the boys.
Armpit, Squid, Magnet, Zigzag, and Twicth: These are not there real names. These are some of the other boys.
Mr. Pendanski: How you prononce this guys name is 3 simple word  said right after the other, 'pen dance key'. He is in charge over all   the boys above.
Mr. Sir: Is pretty much in charge over everybody (except the       Warden).
The Warden: SHE runs the camp. Stanley knows shes looking for something, but what?

What I Think About This Book:
      I LOVE Louis Sacher books. Everyone I have read I have enjoyed. But This one espically, is my favorite.
      This book has some bachground of Stanley's grandfather, but what I think is REALLY cool is how the whole 2 stories meet together. And everything turns out right at the end.

What It Says In The Cover (Bascically what's on the back of the book):
Stanley Yelnats's family has a history of bad
luck, so he isn't surprised when a miscar-
riage of justice sends him to a boys' juvenile
detention center, Camp Green Lake. There is
no lake- it has been dry for over a hundred
years- and it's hardly a camp: as a punisment,
the boys must each dig a hole a day,
five feet deep, five feet across, in the hard
earth of dried-up lake bed. The warden
claims that this is a pointless labor that bulids char-
acter, but thats a lie. Stanley must try to dig
up the truth                                   

I would recommend this for youth/teens/preteens.

  Abrielle Lindsay

Celou Sudden Shout: Wind River, 1826

Here is another book by Kathleen Duey. I’ll do a full report because I’m not in a hurry.
Series: American Diaries
Book 9 (This is another series that you do not have to read in order): Celou Sudden Shout: Wind River, 1826
Author(s): Kathleen Duey
Age Level: 10+
Target Audience: Girls
Stars: 3
This is not my kind of book.
Violence: 1/2
·       There is some shooting and a talk about a fire that took place during the book in ‘the big village’ that probably killed some of Celou’s family.
Pages: 152

Main Characters:
Crow people
About The Main Characters:
Celou: The Main girl who ends up saving her family after captivity.
Bi’a: Celou’s mother a strong Indian.
Mu’mbic`: Celou’s baby brother.
Jean-Paul: Celou’s foolish little brother.
Crow People: A very bad tribe that always’s has trouble with Celou’s tribe.

What I Think About This Book:
          This is another okay book. I would check out a lot more books before I would come to this one.
From The Book:
Where is your man? the Crow was signing.
Not Far, Celou saw her mother sign back. Just over there.
 She pointed in the direction of the big camp. One of the Crow laughed a brittle, short sound. He said something in his own language, then made a gesture that Celou knew all too well. Blackfoot.

I would recommend this series of books for youth girls that like history. (I am obviously not a big fan of history, but it’s good if you do)
      Abrielle Lindsay

March 18, 2013

Left Behind >The Kids< Facing The Future

Left Behind >The Kids<: Facing the Future
Well on all Left Behind >The Kids< cover it seems there is a different “theme” color for it. This book is orange. Anyway, as you know, Abrielle Lindsay is also reading this series so I decided I would try it, and know we are trying to figure out how we are supposed to read this series, AT THE SAME TIME, when the library we have only has one copy of each book (except for 1 & 2 but we're done with those already)!!! So I finished book four and since it would be better if I wrote a report for book 4 because I had to skip ¼ of book 3 because of violence, Abrielle Lindsay will do one on book 3. Ok, if you’-re confused at this point so am I. So I will sum this up quickly I skipped ¼ of book 3 becauseofviolence. And here it is if you can't read that: I skipped ¼ of book 3 because of violence. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Series: Left Behind >The Kids<
Book 4: Facing the Future
Authors: Jerry B. Jenkins & Tim LaHaye
Age Level: 9+
Target Audience: Everyone, even Abrielle Lindsay's little brother likes them
Stars: 4 ½
                     Just me and my opinions
Violance: 1/10
Pages: ???
Main Characters:
    Click Right HERE
My Thoughts:
    I really like this book, like Abrielle, I have learned a lot and before I give the story away, I'll stop typing. :)

Anyone who thinks Amanda should read this series; let us know in the comments!!!

Have Fun!!!

American Diaries: Anisett Lundberg: California, 1851

I didn’t really read this again I’m just writing a report, it’ll be a quick report because I have to return it to the library today. This is the FIRST ‘ok Book’. I enjoyed it, but I would read more books before I would get this one

1.    Anisett Lundberg: California, 1851
2.  Series: American Diaries
3.  Book #: 3
4. By, Kathleen Duey
5.  Age Level, 10+
6.  Target Audience: Girls
7.   Stars: 3 ½
8.  Violence: 1
·      Anisett stabs a bad guy in the toe, someone gets shot, and the bad guy is threatening Anisett, her mother, and brother, oh yea, and one other guy.
9.   Pages: 141
10.               Anisett, Colin, Mother, Toby, and ‘The Blond Man’.

Abrielle Lindsay

Pet Trouble: Dachshund Disaster

1.        Dachshund Disaster
2.      Series: Pet Trouble
3.      Book #, 8
4.      By, T.T. Sutherland
5.      Age Level: 10-14
6.      Target Audience: Probably more of buys since the main character is a boy
7.       Stars: 5+
8.      Violence: none
9.      Pages: 159
10.    Main Characters: Charlie, King, Aiden, David, Mom, Midori, Satoshi, Harper (girl), and Giovanni.

          Abrielle Lindsay

March 17, 2013

Rachel Yoder: A Happy Heart


Series: Rachel Yoder – Always Trouble Somewhere

Book 5: A Happy Heart

Author(s): Wanda E. Brunstetter

Age Level: 10-14

Target Audience: Girls, but boys could enjoy

Stars: 5+

Violence: none

Pages: 154

Main Characters:

 Click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

About The Main Characters:

Click the links above.

What I Think About This Book:

 Another GREAT book filled to the rim with humor, trouble, and fun. Just like the other books humor is normally the trouble and just joins in!
Rachel is a sour puss during most of the book because she has to get new glasses and Brian (Audra’s brother) and Orlie are making fun of her by saying the glasses make her look like she has four eyes and calling her snake eyes. But in the end Rachel has another happy heart because of her teacher, Elizabeth.

On The Back:

Rachel’s Back- with a
Bad Case of the Grumpies!

With the arrival of spring come happiness and fun. Not so for
ten-year-old Rachel Yoder, who springs into nonstop trouble
that turns her from a smiling, laughing girl into a sour-faced
grouch. Extra chores, a trip to the eye doctor’s office for glasses,
and a little white lie makes things go from bad to worse for
Rachel and her family. Will Rachel ever learnt he secret to true

This book series is still recommended for elementary girls, though older girls should enjoy these too.

                       Abrielle Lindsay