March 17, 2013


The Pug that’s a Mutt
        “Aw, he's so cute!! He looks like a little pug!” said Addie one yesterday afternoon. Addie and her 5th grade class were over at Emily's house to watch a movie together.
        “What's his name?” said a boy named Andy.
          “Well, we haven't named him yet,” replied Emily.
         “I'm gonna’ call him Bruno.” Andy decided,
         “That's perfect” cried Addie.
        After the movie, everyone was getting picked up. When Addie's mom came, she said “Let’s ask Emily's mom if we can take him when he's ready.”
       “Really!?” Addie cried in amazement.
        “Well if they’re giving him away,” Addie's mom said.
         So that Wednesday, Bruno, whose name had kinda stuck, went home with Addie, her two sisters, and her mom brought Bruno home for the first time. So that is his story in my words, here is it in his.

The Story of Me, Bruno
        You can't exactly say I'm an ordinary pup, I don't really know how great I am, but if my owners fight over me, and their friend says “He's so cute!! I can't stand it!” I guess they like me a lot. BTW (no idea what that means) anyone know what cute is? Anyway let me tell my story from the beginning, if you don't mind.
         Well, I started in the shack, as I call it. I lived with my fellow cats, who I even taught to growl (or maybe it was my mom)!! And some day all these kids came in, and started calling me Bruno, so that kinda stuck, apparently.
        Anyway, a few days later, I got in this thing, and it moved!! Anyone else think that’s just awesome? Well we went to this place, and I got dropped, which hurt, and then I got into another one of those thingies, (really, anyone got a name for those things?) and we went to another house, and then we went on this bouncy thingy, I think they called it a trampoline. And that was fun. Lots of petting, that’s for sure.
        So now I live happily with my new family, I couldn't be happier.

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  1. What a great story! Bruno is one lucky little pup, and he now has a wonderful home with a loving family.


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