February 20, 2013

Left Behind >The Kids<: Second Chance

Here I am back for more to do with Left Behind >The Kids<. Hope you enjoy!

Series: Left Behind >The Kids<
Book 2: Second Chance
Authors: Jerry B. Jenkins & Tim LaHaye
Age Level: 9 & up
Stars: 4½
·         This book is great, but most of the others are better.
Violence: none
Pages: 141
Main Characters:
Judd Thompson Jr.
Vikki Byrne
Lionel Washington
Ryan Daley
Bruce Barnes

 What I think about this book:
I think this book wasn’t as great as the first one, but the best part is them becoming Christians (I just gave it away didn’t I? Sorry).
 But they all go through sadness as they miss their family and realize they have become orphans over night.
Ryan is becoming scared of things (who wouldn’t?) that he never would have been very scared of. He’s hearing things. The authors have you hanging on only to find out there was nothing.
 I thought it wasn’t as gripping as the first one but I still enjoyed it and I hope, if you read it, you will enjoy it too! ;)

From The Book:
Judd: “As for me,” he said, “I finally realized I was being stubborn and stupid to put off doing something I should have done years ago.”
  When Bruce realized what Judd was saying, he immediately stood and leaned down to embrace him. Judd felt awkward and embarrassed. His dad had not been much for hugging, especially after Judd turned twelve, but he was still glad Bruce seemed so genuinely happy for him. Bruce was on the verge of tears when he said, “Lionel and I welcome you to the family. We’re all brothers in Christ.”
Vikki: Fighting a sob in her own throat, she prayed silently. “God,” she said, “I don’t even know how to talk to you, let alone what to say. Bruce Barnes said you loved us and cared about us and didn’t want to leave us behind. I hope that’s true because I want to believe in you. I’m sorry for having been bad person, and I’m sorry that it took something like this to make me come to you. I wish I could say I would have done this eventually anyway, but I can’t.  I had enough chances, but I didn’t want to give you my life. If you can forgive me for that and still accept me, you can have whatever is left of my life. For a long time I hoped you weren’t real and that I wouldn’t have to answer to you someday, but I always knew down deep you were there. And if nothing else convinced me, this mess sure has. I know it can’t be as good to believe now when I have no choice, but if you’ll accept me, I will live for you for as long as you let me stay alive.”
Lionel:  “You better believe I already prayed the prayer,” Lionel said.”If that’s what you mean. I told God I was sorry, begged for forgiveness, and asked him to save me once and for all. You’re saying it’s not too late?”
  “That’s what I’m saying. Welcome to the family.” Bruce said.
Ryan:  “Fair enough,” Bruce said. “No one’s going to pressure you. You can be a part of this group as long as you want, regardless of what you decide to do. When you’re ready, you make this decision on your own.”
  Finally Ryan spoke. “And what if my answer is no?”
 Bruce said, “Nobody can make the decision for you. You have to live with the consequences.”
 “Or die with them,” Lionel said.

 As I said in the last Left Behind post, I would still recommend this for youth who don’t understand the rapture yet or don’t even know about. I’ve learned a lot and I’m sure you can too.

  Abrielle Lindsay

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