March 18, 2013

Left Behind >The Kids< Facing The Future

Left Behind >The Kids<: Facing the Future
Well on all Left Behind >The Kids< cover it seems there is a different “theme” color for it. This book is orange. Anyway, as you know, Abrielle Lindsay is also reading this series so I decided I would try it, and know we are trying to figure out how we are supposed to read this series, AT THE SAME TIME, when the library we have only has one copy of each book (except for 1 & 2 but we're done with those already)!!! So I finished book four and since it would be better if I wrote a report for book 4 because I had to skip ¼ of book 3 because of violence, Abrielle Lindsay will do one on book 3. Ok, if you’-re confused at this point so am I. So I will sum this up quickly I skipped ¼ of book 3 becauseofviolence. And here it is if you can't read that: I skipped ¼ of book 3 because of violence. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Series: Left Behind >The Kids<
Book 4: Facing the Future
Authors: Jerry B. Jenkins & Tim LaHaye
Age Level: 9+
Target Audience: Everyone, even Abrielle Lindsay's little brother likes them
Stars: 4 ½
                     Just me and my opinions
Violance: 1/10
Pages: ???
Main Characters:
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My Thoughts:
    I really like this book, like Abrielle, I have learned a lot and before I give the story away, I'll stop typing. :)

Anyone who thinks Amanda should read this series; let us know in the comments!!!

Have Fun!!!


  1. I always enjoy your book reports, so proud of you.

  2. Thanks! And I think Amanda should read this series!!


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