April 15, 2014

The Long Way Home

Title: The Long Way Home

Series: The Homelanders

Stars: 5+++

Age Level: Young Adult, so 12+

Violence: Yah, there's some.

What I Thought:

Absolutely amazing. Klavan does an absolutely fabulous job--just like in the last book.

One thing I really like about Klavan's writing is that it drops you right into the inciting incident. It's quite wonderful. ;)

The Long Way Home is a fantastic sequel to book one. =) I highly recommend it ;) Even if you didn't like book one, push through it. =)

abrielle lindsay

April 13, 2014

Silent Tears

Title: Silent Tears

Stars: 5++++

Age Level: Depends on when you can stand to read something so heartbreaking. I think about 11+

What I thought:

First, I would like to thank Leah with all my heart for giving me a copy of this book. 

Silent Tears is probably the bast book I ever read. One of the best.

Kay Bratt goes to China with her husband and youngest daughter with two goals. To keep a diary and help the children at an orphanage. 

She does both. 

This book is an amazing insight of a Chinese orphanage. But she assures us that this is only her experience. That some orphanage really are loving, caring, and kind.

Silent Tears is a book that I would recommend to everyone who has the slightest attraction to orphans. This book will break your heart, but be restored when you find out that just a little love can go an unbelievably long way.

And for those of you who have read the book and don't know that Xiao Gau WAS adopted, I just told you. =) 

April 8, 2014

Monday's Minutes Challenge

This is something that I do every Monday/my Tuesday. But, why you here have never seen it is because I usually post on my blog Indonesia Around Me. And it's getting a new design right now. =) So I'll do it here. ;)

and yes by the way, i have been reading. i've got some really great books that i'm trying to finish in six days.

I am going to use the sentence prompt: "We will never be the same again." 196 words.

"We will never be the same again." I took a deep breath.
“Why not?” I made my stuffed animal wave its paws around.
“Look at me! Janesa, do I look like you?” I pressed three fingers against my chest.
“But, we have to be the same,”
“We don’t have to be the same,” I smiled at the stuffed kangaroo.
“Yes we do,”
The stuffed animal jumped out of my hands and became real. She became a real kangaroo, filling up my floor space.
“Janesa…” I whispered, my eyes wide.
“Yes, Livi?” Janesa snout seemed to smile at me.
“Y-you talk,” I huddled on my bed.
She laughed, “Yes, I do.”
“Wh-why do you need us to be the same?” I whispered.
“So that you can enter my world and help me.” the kangaroo pressed her paws against her chest.
“But, I still can’t be the same as you, Janesa, now you’re a talking kangaroo and I’m still a eight year old little girl.” I wrapped my hands around my knees.

“That part doesn’t matter, it’s you heart. You heart has to be the same as mine.” Janesa set her two furry hands and her chest.


Hope ya'll like this! =)

abrielle lindsay