March 3, 2013

Rachel Yoder: New Beginnings

More Rachel Yoder!

Series: Rachel Yoder-Always Trouble Somewhere
Book 4: New Beginnings
Author(s): Wanda E. Brunstetter 
Age Level: 8-12
Target Audience: Like I always say, mainly girls, but boys could probably enjoy this if they tried
Stars: 5
Violence: none
Pages: 156

Main Characters:
Click HERE and HERE, if you don’t know the main Characters, but we have to add one NEW main character.
Audra Burkholder- A new girl at school who seems to only want to get Rachel in trouble, or does she just want a friend?

What I think About This Book:
 Another GREAT book filled to the rim with humor, trouble, and fun. Just like the other books humor is normally the trouble and just joins in!
Rachel is a sour puss during most of the book because Mary moved away. But at the end she learns a BIG lesson.

On the Back:
Rachel’s Back-
with a Lesson She Won’t
Soon Forget!
Rachel Yoder has been out-of-sorts ever since her best friend
moved away. What will she do without her? When a new girl
named Audra shows up at the Amish schoolhouse, Rachel
soon finds herself with a stinky sandwich, a mud spattered
dress, a sore nose, and a rotten attitude. As things go from bad
to worse, Rachel is in danger of losing more than one friend.
Will she ever learn the value of forgiveness?  


Abrielle Lindsay

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