March 18, 2013

American Diaries: Anisett Lundberg: California, 1851

I didn’t really read this again I’m just writing a report, it’ll be a quick report because I have to return it to the library today. This is the FIRST ‘ok Book’. I enjoyed it, but I would read more books before I would get this one

1.    Anisett Lundberg: California, 1851
2.  Series: American Diaries
3.  Book #: 3
4. By, Kathleen Duey
5.  Age Level, 10+
6.  Target Audience: Girls
7.   Stars: 3 ½
8.  Violence: 1
·      Anisett stabs a bad guy in the toe, someone gets shot, and the bad guy is threatening Anisett, her mother, and brother, oh yea, and one other guy.
9.   Pages: 141
10.               Anisett, Colin, Mother, Toby, and ‘The Blond Man’.

Abrielle Lindsay

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