February 22, 2013

Rachel Yoder-Always Trouble Somewhere: School's Out

The Rachel Yoder Series is one of my FAVORITE series. It’s filled with humor, fun, and trouble. But I haven’t been able to read them all ‘til Adelaide lent me some of the books. So with this book report, I hope YOU will go and get these books and read them!

Series: Rachel Yoder – Always Trouble Somewhere
Book 1: School’s Out!
Author(s): Wanda E. Brunstetter
Age Level: 8-12
Stars: 5
Violence: none
Pages: 160
Main Characters:
Rachel Yoder
Mary Yoder (cousin)
Jacob Yoder (brother)
Henry Yoder (brother)
Esther Yoder (sister)
Rudy King
Cuddles (cat)
Tom (horse)

About The Characters:
Rachel: A very active, trouble-some, 9/10 year-old girl who always, no matter if she’s doing something good or not, always end up in trouble.
Mary: Rachel’s favorite cousin who does most everything with her trouble-some cousin, but doesn’t end up in trouble.
Jacob: Rachel’s 11 year-old brother who is always teasing Rachel by calling her a bensel (silly child. And never, ever ends up in trouble (well, not as often as Rachel).
Henry: Rachel’s 16 year-old brother who teases, but not as much as Jacob.
Esther: Rachel’s 19 year-old sister, who is engaged.
Rudy King: Whom Esther is engaged to.
Mom: Rachel’s mother who is stern, but always loving.
Pap: Rachel’s father who is fun, loving, and just as stern as Rachel’s mother.
Cuddles: Rachel’s fun, active lil’ kitten (sometimes where trouble startsJ)
Tom: Sometimes referred to ‘Old Tom’ is the Yoder’s carriage horse. A kind, loving ole’ thing.

What I think about the book:
 Like I said above, this book is filled to the rim with trouble, humor, and fun. Anyone should enjoy this book (series). Especially, if you like Amish stories and characters.
 Humor: Humor is the main thing, basically, in this story. Humor is mostly from the beginning of the trouble.
Trouble: Trouble is probably my favorite part in this book. The trouble sometimes is the humor of it all.
Fun: This book can be so fun you have it with you all the time (me). It is totally gripping.

What’s On The Back:
Look out,
Lancaster County!
School’s out! And so is an energetic Amish girl with trouble
following close on her barefooted heels! When nine-year-old
Rachel Yoder isn’t bringing frogs to church or taking wild
buggy rides, she’s setting fireflies free and trying out new
skateboards in all the wrong places. Will Rachel’s friends and
 family survive the mischief she brings into their live-and
will Rachel learn any life lessons along the way?

I would recommend this for elementary reader level. The only thing is that there is Pennsylvania Dutch, BUT there is a glossary at the beginning.
 But I’m in middle-school and still LOVE the series so maybe other middle-school girls would like it too.

      Abrielle Lindsay

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