February 26, 2013

Puppy Place: Scout

The Puppy Place: Scout
          I guess you could say I'm reading books like CRAZY this week, and its true. These Books are GREAT!! If I had to pick a series to read for the rest of this year, I would pick The Puppy Place Series. This book is about a German Shepard named Scout. She ends up being a replacement for another Search-and-Rescue dog named Casey who is hurt while rescuing a little girl after an earthquake in Mexico.

Series: The Puppy Place
Book #: 7
Author: Ellen Miles
Age Level: 7+
Target Audience: I think anyone who loves puppies would like this book.
Stars: 5++
Violence: none
Pages: 75
Main Characters: Scout, Lizzie and Charles Peterson
          Scout: Scout is a cute little German shepherd. She loves adventure and is a great learner.
          Lizzie and Charles Peterson: I think you've heard enough about these guys so if you want to know more scroll down to see my other Puppy Place series Books. ;)
           My Thoughts: The Puppy place series is awesome an I REALLY enjoy it! I hope you have it at your local library.
On The Back:
Charles and Lizzie Peterson know a lot about puppies. Thats because the Petersons are a foster family for young dogs. They have an adorable puppy of their own, Buddy, but they still love helping other puppies find homes.
          Then Lizzie and Charles meet Scout, a gentle German Shepherd dog who is very good at helping people. A puppy like Scout needs a special owner. Can the Petersons fine the perfect person?


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