March 15, 2013

Pet Trouble: Bad to the Bone Boxer

I JUST started reading this series after both Amanda and Adelaide recommend this series. Apparently I was too crazy to realize that this series in an order, but, come on, it didn’t say a number on any of the sides so how could I know? Anyway if you don’t know, I am a HUGE dog lover. I want to have over 10 dogs (not to mention in the house) when I grow up. I know I’m a little weird. And this series is stuff that could happen but is super funny in really odd ways. I actually DID laugh out loud quite a few times. Just proves how weird I am. So anyway to the book review!

Series: Pet Trouble
Book 7 (don’t worry I don’t read these in order at all, after this one I read the 8th book!): Bad to the Bone Boxer
Author(s): T.T. Sutherland
Age Level: 10-14
Target Audience: This one, hmmm, probably girls, but not all of the series feature the main characters are girls some are boys.
Stars: 4½
·       Even though I enjoyed this book so much I like a lot of books more
Violence: 1/8
·       There is a fight in here where two girls are yelling at each other and insulting the other
Pages: 156

Main Characters:
Mom and Dad

About the Main Characters:
 Michelle: This is the girl that tells the story. She wears her hair up in all different colors of scarves, her room is a mess, and just wants her best friend back.
Tombo: Michelle’s new boxer, who is the cutest dog ever. Even though he’s only about a year old, he’s a WHOLE lot to handle.
Deandre: He is Michelle’s older brother who is in high school (BTW, Michelle is in 5th). He knows how to figure things out.
Midori: Midori is a Japanese girl who is smart enough to have skipped all of elementary school. Everyone thinks she’s just boy crazy because she always is hanging out with her twin brother and his friends.
Satoshi: This boy is Midori’s twin brother who wants the best for his sister. He’s very nice (unlike most boys I know ;)).
Rosie: Michelle’s ‘best friend’ who says ‘like’ a lot and is like every 5th grade girl. She seems to ditch Michelle and just wants to be around Pippa.
Pippa: This girl is very shy and quiet. She has long blonde hair. And she basically agrees with anything you say.
Buttons: Rosie’s adorable little poodle puppy. Who likes to play with any dog.
Mom and Dad: Michelle and Deandre’s mom and dad who are both psychologists.

What I think About This Book:
This book (like almost all the others I do) is FILLED TO THE RIM with fun, humor, and some trouble.
The trouble IS: Tombo. He’s cute, but that doesn’t mean he’s trouble. He’s chewing EVERYTHING (almost).
Fun: Everything in this book pretty much is fun.
Humor: EVERYTHING is funny. I laughed out loud several times ( like, for real ;) )  

From The Book:
  Plus, the dog’s whole face radiated how much he wanted to be loved. I was good at loving things. I was sure I could make him happy.
  Behind him in the cage was a strange mess. Bits of white fluff were scattered from one wall to the other next to the remains of disemboweled toys. His dog bed looked like it had been nibbled around the edges. His metal water bowl was upside down in a puddle in the middle of the floor.
  Of course, I didn’t recognize the warning signs at the time. I didn’t even think about them until later. All I noticed right then were the dog’s big, hopeful brown eyes.

I would recommend this book for any dog lover. Or anyone who has chewy trouble with her/his dog. (this is a good book series for 4th-maybe 8th grade)

   Abrielle Lindsay

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