March 22, 2013


Holes is my FAVORITE book. I know, it has 50 chapters, but some are less than a page long. I have read this 3, no 4, times each time I think I have finished it in 3 days. I hope you will go and get the book and read itin less than 3 days!

Seires: This is not in a series.
Title: Holes
Author(s): Louis Sacher
Age Level: My brother (who is 9, almost 10) read this, but I would suggest it for 10-16
Target Audience: Mainly boys (probably) BUT after all, it's my favorite book and I'm a girl!
Stars: 5
Violence: 1/4
·       Talks of an outlaw from a long time ago and the woman outlaw killing people
Pages: 233

Main Characters:
      Stanley Yelnats (Caveman)
      Zero (Hector Zeroni)
      Mr. Pendanski
      Mr. Sir
      The Warden

About The Main Characters:
Stanley: The main character in the book. He is a Camp Green Lake    for no reason. The shoes just fell from the sky. And he didn't know who they belong to. How could he know?
Zero (Hector): This kid is not an American (don't ask me I don't       remember). He wants to learn to read and he doesn't like to answer questions.
X-ray: This (obviously) is not his real name (I think it's Theodore). He   seems to be in charge of all the boys.
Armpit, Squid, Magnet, Zigzag, and Twicth: These are not there real names. These are some of the other boys.
Mr. Pendanski: How you prononce this guys name is 3 simple word  said right after the other, 'pen dance key'. He is in charge over all   the boys above.
Mr. Sir: Is pretty much in charge over everybody (except the       Warden).
The Warden: SHE runs the camp. Stanley knows shes looking for something, but what?

What I Think About This Book:
      I LOVE Louis Sacher books. Everyone I have read I have enjoyed. But This one espically, is my favorite.
      This book has some bachground of Stanley's grandfather, but what I think is REALLY cool is how the whole 2 stories meet together. And everything turns out right at the end.

What It Says In The Cover (Bascically what's on the back of the book):
Stanley Yelnats's family has a history of bad
luck, so he isn't surprised when a miscar-
riage of justice sends him to a boys' juvenile
detention center, Camp Green Lake. There is
no lake- it has been dry for over a hundred
years- and it's hardly a camp: as a punisment,
the boys must each dig a hole a day,
five feet deep, five feet across, in the hard
earth of dried-up lake bed. The warden
claims that this is a pointless labor that bulids char-
acter, but thats a lie. Stanley must try to dig
up the truth                                   

I would recommend this for youth/teens/preteens.

  Abrielle Lindsay

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