March 5, 2013


I absolutely LOVE Beverly Cleary books! They are funny, troublesome, and fun! It just seems IMPOSSIBLE not to love these! And we now have a cat, his names is Socks! Well, he looks like he has torn socks actually.

There is no series as far as I know.

Title: Socks

Author(s): Beverly Cleary

Age Level: 8-adult

Target Audience: Anyone

Stars: 5

Violence: none

Pages: 139

Main Characters:


Marilyn Bricker

Bill Bricker

Charles William Bricker

Mrs. Risley




About the Main Characters:

Socks- A gray tabby cat that looks as if he is wearing socks.

Marilyn Bricker- A woman who loves Socks with all her heart.

Bill Bricker- Marilyn’s husband who also loves Socks.

Charles William Bricker- Marilyn and Bill’s baby who is born later on in the book and then seems to get all the love and attention.

Mrs. Risley- A babysitter who checks on Charles every now and then but absolutely LOVES Socks.

Nana- Bill’s mother who doesn’t approve of Socks near the baby at all.

Debbie and George- The kids who owned the cat that gave birth to the litter which Socks was in. They are only in the beginning of the book.

What I think about This Book:

I think I explained what I think about this book at the top but I’ll give a little more information.

This book shows that a pet needs attention and love no matter how busy you are. And it shows that a pet could keep at it and try to get you to… re-love itself.

Socks clearly says this and I totally LOVE animals, I think it is horrible to treat any animal like this, no matter what.

On The Back:

Watch out, Socks!
Socks is one very happy cat, He
lives a good life with his nice
young owners, Mr. and Mrs.
Bricker- they play with him, feed
him, and always welcome him
with love into their warm laps.\
Then a new baby arrives. Suddenly
little Charles William is getting all
the Brickers’ attention! Socks feels left out- and to
show it he starts getting into all sorts of trouble!
What will it take to make Socks realize just how
much the Brickers care for him?

I would recommend this book to any cat lover. Young or old.

  Abrielle Lindsay

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