March 30, 2013

The Questions Start

The Questions Start
      Ali was mad. 'What kind of person would do such a thing to little 3rd grade girl?' she thought. Ali decided to show it to Miss Woods, who showed it to Mr. Mr. Martinez, who thought something, should be done about it.
    Could all the 5th grade girls come to the office? If it is not possible or if you don't want to, you don't have to. Mrs. Watson announced over the intercom.
     They'll never come. I know those girls. Mr. Martinez said.
     I had Aloha; you never know with her, she figures out plots easily. I COULD NOT pull a prank on her on April fools day. No matter what. Miss Woods said.
    Aloha and China looked at each other.
      'Should we go?' mouthed China.
      'Later' Aloha mouthed back.
     What!? China accidentally said, Oops.
     China, do you have something to say? said Mr. Black, do I need to do a note check?
     No, sir, replied China.
     Well, then I think you should head down to the office.
     Yes sir.
    China! Only you wanted to come? Mr. Martinez was surprised
     I was sent here by my teacher, I was called on the intercom.                   
      Oh, right. Ill get Mrs. Watson for you.
    Did you send a note to Ali lately? asked Mrs. Watson.
     No China replied.
     Yah, can I see it?
     Ok Now they were both skeptical.
China looked at the note and then she saw something: China.
     What in the world?! My signature doesn't look like that. Here Ill write it for you:
     Hmm, well, do you know who could have done this? asked Mrs. Watson.
     Dakota would be my best guess, but I don't think any of us would do something like that, plus we can all write each other signatures. Except Aloha. replied China
    Good point, I'll ask someone else. Any ideas?

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