March 30, 2013

Tips To Help You Name Your Character

To me, naming characters is the best part of writing a book. I LOVE adding characters, making their names and everything. Now, we are going to go through this together, I’m going to write a book and we are going to go through tips I get together. Here are some names to get YOU started. (P.S. PLEASE tell me in the comments below if I put 2 of the same name. Not like Taylor being a girl and boy and but like Abrielle and Abrielle both in the girl column. THANKS!!)

Boy Names
Hector, David, Gregory, Ralph, Nate, Nathan, Will, William, Keith, Michael, Mitchell, Eli, Joe, Matt, Grant, Adam, Jon, Aaron, Jim, Bob, Jason, Jacob, Dan, Allen, James, Bill, Isaiah, Scott, Jeremiah, Jeremy, Andrew, Drew, Justin, Timothy, Kevin, Nick, Jonathan, Stephen, Taylor, Evan, Tim, Peter, Paul, Jared, Edward, Ryan, Travis, Carter, Braden, Sam, Bert, Robert, Rob, Steve, Luke, Cameron, Ron, Ben, Benjamin, Darrell, Rich, Randall, Mark, Al, Josh, Jake, Jack, Pete, Larry, Lois, Gary, Neil, Phillip, Phil, Morgan, Brett, Ken, Jackson, Eric, Francis, Bruce, Rick, Ruben, Jordan, Brandon, Karston, Nicolas, Darren, Christopher, Jeff, Conner, Ray, Jay, Barry, Grant, Chad, Todd, Anthony, Tony, Gordon, Noah, Mike, Logan, Alex, Russell, Wayne, Carl, Don, Doug, Warren, Gary, Randy, Frank, Dale, Floyd, Manny, Sparky, Chuck, Colin, Corin, Levi, Lloyd, and Uriah.
Boy Name Meanings
Alexander Leader
Andrew Manly
Anthony Inestimable
Christopher Follower of Christ
Daniel a Judge
David Beloved
Ethan Strong
Jacob Favored
Joseph Jehovah Increases
Joshua Saver
Matthew God’s Gift
Michael Godly
Nicholas Victor
Ryan Capable
William Brave

Girl Names
Bridget, Carol, Vitoria, Tiffany, Jennifer, Esther, Naomi, Ruth, Jael, Sophie, Sofia, Patricia, Violet, Gabrielle, Ashley, Kristal, Kelsey, Stephanie, Amanda, Karen, Kathy, Lindsay, Lauren, Allison, Allie, Hailey, Emily, Lori, Ami (Amy, Amie), Christi (Kristi, Kristy, Christy), Karis, Martha, Linda, Christiana, Christina, Christine, Mandi (Mandy), Tessa, Taylor, Faith, Joy, Diane, Diana, Bethany, Chelsea, Valerie, Vanessa, Helen, Rachel, Kylie, Catherine (Katherine), Amelia, Jenna, Lena, Juliana, Courtney, Mariana, Cassie, Nikki, Tamara, Pauline, Ronda, Heather, Autumn, Arianna, Mariann, Haven, Aliana, Alina, Melina, Jocelyn, Carla, Claire, Clarice, Melissa, Jordan,  Jada, Maya, Lynn, Tori (Tory), Nancy, Melody, Laura, Kimberly, Charity, Paula, Clarissa, Kelly, Trinity, Destiny, Molly, Annie, Jenni (Jenny, Jennie), Adelaide, Wendy, Janie, Sydney, Abi (Abby, Aby, Abbie), Samantha, Angela, Ella, Alexis, Jessica, Lisa, Grace, Julia, Julie, Lexie, Bianca, Ali (Allie), Isabelle, Joanna, Elise, Hailey, Ava, Seun (Say-youn), Manin, Priscilla, Elizabeth (Elisabeth), Jessie, Bailey, Alexandra, Jemma, Audrey, Gloria, Sara, Jane, Ashlynn, Amber, Abigail, McKenzie, Blair, McKenna, Bernadette, Abrielle, Robin, and Morgan.

Girl Name Meanings
Abigail Father’s Joy
Alexis Helper
Ashley Ash Tree Meadow
Ava Bird
Elizabeth Godly
Emily Worker
Emma Complete
Grace Grace
Hannah Grace
Isabella God’s Oath
Madison Child of Matthew
Olivia Peace
Samantha Listener
Sarah Princess
Sophia Wise

Tips on Naming YOUR Character(s)

1.                  Choose a Character Name That is Age-Appropriate.
Many authors make a mistake by making the character’s name that would be popular today but not when the character was born. First, decide the age of your character, then calculate the year your character was born. Another thing, you want to make sure the character’s name is from his or her country. Some countries have the same names such as David and Mary. Others you need to find a name from that country.

2.                 What kind of Name do you Want?
DO you want a name with a great meaning? Do you want just a name? Or do you want a famous name? This all, really, depends on what you want to do. I like some names better than others. Even if you do not choose a name by meaning, you should check out what the meeting is any way. Vote on the names and then choose if you have too many names you like so much.

3.                 You need a last name.
You always need to have a last name for your character. Always. If it’s a child he/she defiantly need a last name. If it is an adult you really do need to have a last name. Search the internet for different last name websites.

Most of all, Have LOTS of fun naming your character!!

Abrielle Lindsay

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