May 28, 2013


By, Abrielle Lindsay

Rain beats down all the time
Sometimes it sounds like a chime
The puddles go up and then down
The rain is all around

The rain could be harder
If it was, it would flood
If that happened, you might want your hood
But rain isn't getting higher and higher

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~Abrielle Lindsay

May 27, 2013

Chapter 2: A Friend, Really??

Hi again!! This is chapter 2 of my book. Thanks to those who read the book and then told me what you thought!! This is a shorter chapter, a lot shorter. Please, again, tell me what you think!!!
~Abrielle Lindsay

Chapter Two

A Friend, Really??

   It was Wednesday. The funniest part of the day thus far, was when Ms. Watts saw the ‘who-is-who’ list. She looked at me, then at Beth, then back at the list. She hadn’t given us the lists yet, it was, like, 10 minutes ‘til 3:00.
   “Hey, Ms. Watts! Where are our ‘who-is-who’ papers, and our lines!?” Rueben Anderson shouted from the back of the room. He was usually pretty quiet so this was pretty surprising!
   “Well, I, urrr, have changed, umm, I will give the lists out tomorrow. Beth, Carla Jane, please stay after class.” Ms. Watts didn’t look very happy. Everyone groaned (did I mention loudly?).
   “Beth,” Ms. Watts smile was sweet, but her eyes sure weren’t. “Did you write this?” She pointed at the ‘who-is-who’ list.
   “Yes, with Carla Jane’s help.” That was all Ms. Watts needed for her smile to fade.
   “But, Ms. Watts, How Beth wrote the story, I am the main character! She based it on our class. And I am Jana, surprisingly.” I felt myself blush. I barely ever talked.
   She turned to Beth. “Are-is that true?”
   “Every word.” Beth was sooo bold.
   “Oh, you two are dismissed.”

   We were walking to Beth’s house now.
   “Man, you were so bold Beth!” I was still kind of in awe.
   “No, that’s just who I am. You, you were the bold one, Carla Jane. You never even say a word. You were the bold one.” She smiled.
   “Hey Mom!” Beth walked in her house. “Can Carla Jane and I have a snack?”
   “Sure Beth. Help yourself to almost anything in the pantry.” Her mom held a big canvas and lots of paint.
   “My mom is an artist. ‘Oh, I have to paint this and this. And don’t forget that!’ It’s real funny when she does that.” Beth’s boy-short (as I would call it) honey brown hair matched her mom’s so when she imitated her mom she looked just like her.
   “Girl, my mom does the same thing! ‘Let’s stop here, guys. It’s a beautiful place to write. So peaceful. I even feel like the character.’ I love my mom and all, but I don’t like stopping at every tree in the park when we’re supposed to be doing a 15 minute walk.”
   Beth laughed really hard.
   “Ok, I got some Pringles. Let’s go to my room. Drew and Andrew probably are having some friends over like always. She rolled her eyes. No wonder she was totally calm around coo-coo head boys.
   “So, do you have a blog, Carla Jane?” Beth asked, she was on her computer.
   “Pphhst, what’s a blog?” She gave me this blank look.
   “It’s like a free website. See check mine out.”
  “‘Kayla’s Randoms’. Cute!! What do you do on here?” The background was... PURPLE AND WHITE ZEBRA STRIPES!!!! Oh my gosh!! Too cute!
   “Ummm, I post about randoms. BTW, when’s your birthday??” Beth click on a button that read, ‘New Post’.
   “May 11th. I’ll be 11, next year. When’s yours??”  
   “Cool. Mine is 2 days from today.” She still was staring at  the computer. “Can I take a picture of you, Carla Jane??”
   “Uh, sure?” Why does she want my picture?
   “Smile your best!”
   “Uploading,” She had put this little card in her computer.
   “Read it, Carla.” Beth backed away.
   There, right in the middle was a picture of me. Under it, Beth had typed,

One best friend forever, Jana.
   “You’re Jana.”
   A friend. Really??
   A best friend, unbelievable.

   I actually have a friend for keeps.

May 24, 2013

Happy Birthday to...

This is Amanda cooking for Abrielle Lindsay's party


YES!! TODAY is HER BIRTHDAY!! We are very grateful for Amanda! Her friendship is awesome! 

Today she is turning 12! She is now older than both of us. ;) 


Miss you tons!! 

Your friends,
   Adelaide and Abrielle Lindsay

May 23, 2013

Chapter 1: Meeting

Hello everyone! This is a book I am writing, I hope to get it published someday... PLEASE READ IT AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!! I do not yet know what the title should be. I hope you enjoy! ~Abrielle Lindsay

Chapter One


   I am far from popular. In fact if you put each kid in my class, from popular to non-popular, I would be on the bottom.
   My name is Carla Jane. I am in the 5th grade. I live in North Carolina. My mother is a very famous book writer, her name is Izabella Napier. My father, Nate Napier, is a well known baker around the world. My three older sisters, Jessica, Marissa, and Alex, are all married. Jessica is an actress, very famous, Marissa, a firefighter, and Alex a singer. All famous. Well, all except me.
   Beth on the other hand would be on top of the popular list. She’s smart, wise, kind, helpful, funny, and extremely calm (even when crazy, coo-coo head boys are around).
   She moved here a couple of weeks ago. I know, the most popular girl, in a couple of weeks? Yah, she jumps onto things.
   We NEVER would have met if it hadn’t been for my parents and Ms. Watts, our

   “As you all know, we had a writing contest. And you all know even more that Beth Keball won. We will do a play now! The play is Beth’s story. And since, after all, it is her story; she will decide who will be who, including herself. Beth will give out the ‘who is who’ list Wednesday.” Ms. Watts beamed.
   I thought, ‘Please, please, please let me be a ‘more’ popular person in the play.’
   “At the same time,” Ms. Watts continued. “We will give out lines.”

   “Oh how I hope I get a good part!” I thought I said to myself. I was in my dad’s bakery.
   “What Carly?” my dad propped his head up with his hands on the counter. “What’d you say?”
   I spilled the story. My dad understands everything.
   “So you want a good part so you aren’t on the bottom of this popular list.” my dad started putting flour in a bowl.
   “Correct. Any suggestions?” I asked hopefully.
   “Nope. But the Keballs’ are coming for dinner tonight so you’ll get to know Beth more.” my dad was now kneading the dough. 
   “I thought Jess, Caleb, and baby Clarissa were coming for dinner.” I looked hard at my dad.
   “You think your mom would cancel dinner with her daughter that is all over America and invite someone else over?” Dad’s eyes sparkled.
   “No,” I smiled.
   “Of course not, silly.”
   “I wonder where Jess has been this time.” My voice trailed off. Jessica is an actress. I got that straight. She travels all over America. Serious. She even has her own website for crying out loud! Her husband, Caleb doesn’t even have to work! He watches the toddler Clarissa a LOT.
   “Since this dough has to rise, we’ll take it home. I’ll begin to close up, but if there are more customers, you know.” I love it when my dad puts me in charge!
    Just as Dad walked to the back, a girl from my class walked in.
   “Hey Harper,” I said.
   She nodded.
   Quickly she said, “Mother wants me to get two loaves of bread, twelve muffins, and two cupcakes.”
   “Ummm, what kind?” I asked.
   “Banana, blueberry, chocolate.” Harper can turn silent as fast as she can talk. Which, by the way, is pretty fast.
   I got all that she ordered and stuck them in their bags.
  “That’ll be $11, Harper.”
   She counted out the money, real fast.
  “Thanks,” she mumbled. She readjusted her hat and went back out the door.
  “Who came, Carly?” Dad asked right after the door closed. He was ready to go.
  “Harper. Her mom sent her to get banana bread, blueberry muffins, and cupcakes. The grand total of $11.” I beamed.
  “Good job!” Dad ruffled my hair.
  “Mama! There’s gonna’ be a play at school!” I rushed in the house. It was 4:45. The house smelled, like, nothing. Mama was probably writing the book she is sure to be a big hit. It’s about a little girl, I think her name is Sienna. Anyway, she lives in this place called Java (maybe Indonesia?) and she get separated from her family and that’s all I know.
   “Sorry,” Mama’s fiery red curls bounced as she came down the stairs, three at a time. “I got sidetracked. Jess is bringing the main course, Rose is bringing desserts, and I’m doing veggies and fruit. Home-?”
  “Work?” I finished Mama’s sentence. “None! But there is going to be a play!”
  “She wants a ‘good’ part.” Dad mouthed.
  “Oh,” Mama mouthed back. “Carly, go get some play clothes on.” Mama, this time, said.
  “Ok,” I charged up the stairs (four at a time).

   Ok, my room is totally me. A mess. I try to clean up, yeah, I really do! But when you have this puppy, that’s pretty messy, it doesn’t help. And, ok I admit, sometimes I just, well, I just leave it (sometimes). By the way, did I mention that I am in love with zebra stripes?? My wall is, no, not covered with black and white stripes, but BRIGHT pink with circles filled with black and white stripes. Too cut, right? My mirror has tons, literally, tons of picture so I know how to do allkinds of things with my hair. Books cover 1/4 of the floor (I have bookshelves, but they’re ALL full!), furniture covers 1/2 the room, go figure, there is 1/8 of the actual floor, and 1/8 is covered with bright purple rugs. (I love bright colors, can you tell?)
   “Titi, look what you did!” Apparently I didn’t sound very disapproving. Titi was jumping all over me, like, ‘Aren’t you proud of meee?!’ “I gotta’ change, Titi.” I shut the door.
   “Carla Jane! Jess is here!” Mama called.
   I must’ve fallen asleep. My long, black curls were in a heap on my bed, while I was sitting on the floor, my back against the bed.
   “C’mon, Titi.” I flew out the door.
   “Hey Jess! Hi Caleb! Hello Clarissa.
   Clarissa smiled real big. Well, at least someone enjoyed me!
   “Hey Carla Jane! What’s new?” Jess smiled.
   “Nothin’ much, except for a play we’re going to have at school. Will you come??” Surely my sister would come! She’s an actress for crying out loud!
   “When is it?”
   How silly of me! Why didn’t I ask Ms. Watts? Oh yeah, BECAUSE I DON’T EVER SAY ANYTHING!!
   “I, uhhh, errr, don’t know.”
   “Ahh, tell me as soon as you find out, and I’ll try to make it.”
   Yes!! My thoughts were sooo happy! Normally, when Jessica said ‘try’ it meant, no matter what, she would do it.
   “Iz?” Dad was looking out the window. I went over there. “Is the Keballs’ car tan?”
   “Yeah, Dad. That’s their car.”
   “Hi! C’mon in!” Dad smiled at the Keballs’ as they walked through the door. “I’m Nate. This is my wife, Izabella, our oldest, Jessica, her husband, Caleb, their child, Clarissa, and our youngest, Carla Jane. Can you give me yours?” Dad smiled even bigger.
   “I’m Logan, my wife, Rose, our 2 10th grade boys, Andrew and Drew, they’re twins, and our youngest, Elizabeth, but likes to go by Beth.”
   Everyone squeezed in a few his and hellos here and there.
   Andrew and Drew were the tallest teens I had ever seen! Just makes me wonder how tall Beth will be…
   “Carla, why don’t you take Beth to your room?” Mama said, her look was ‘take-her’, it wasn’t something I had a choice for.
   “C’mon Beth.”
   She smiled and followed.
   “You like zebra stripes and bright colors too??” Beth asked as she walked in my room.
   “Yeah, they’re my favorite.” I replied.
   “Carla Jane, could you help me decide who would be perfect for each part in the play?”
   I wanted to jump up and down saying, ‘Duhh!’ But I couldn’t so I just said, “Sure Beth.”
   She pulled out a printed copy of her story’s characters, and then a list of the kids in our class.
   “Harper, I think, would be perfect for that girl who is always wearing a too-big Jersey and a baseball cap. Don’t you?”
   “Harper fits Sam’s personality perfectly!” Beth quickly wrote down Harper’s name next to Sam’s.
   I had read Beth’s story 1 gazillion times, but just now did I notice that there were exactly 18 kids in the class that she wrote about and there are exactly 18 in our class! Plus, get this, 10 girls and 8 boys, just like our class!
   “Yes?” She lifted her head.
   “Is your story based on our class?”
   “Yes,” She spoke sooo boldly.
   “That’s awesome!” I smiled.
   “Carla Jane! Beth! Time for dinner!”
   “C’mon!” I said, half way across the room (since there’s not a ton of room)

   “So, what’s this about a play, Carla?” Caleb asked at dinner.
   “Beth here wrote a story that won and now Ms. Watts says we are going to have a play, based on the story!” I said, extremely excited.
   “Beth?!” Andrew and Drew said at the same time. It was pretty funny. I mean, I knew they were twins, but I didn’t know they talked OR did the same thing AT THE SAME TIME! But I didn’t laugh; that might be mean.
   But Mr. and Mrs. Keball sure did.
   “Yes, boys. We’ll tell you more when we get back to our place.” Mrs. Keball said.

   “So that leaves you and me.” Beth said. Since it was Friday, I invited Beth to stay overnight.
   “Bethany seems more like you. And Jana like me.” Now that I knew the story was based on our class, I realized that (this is just too cool) Jana (me) is the main character!!
   “Yes, that’s who you are. Get it, Carla Jane, Jana?” she smiled.
   “Carla, Beth, time for bed.” Mama stepped in from the doorway.
   I yawned. “Ok, Mama.” I climbed in my bed. My stomach was half too excited and half too scared. This was my first sleepover (I mean, I have slept at my families’ homes, but does that even count?). We had a sleeping bag for Beth.
   “Oh, it so cute! I love it! Right after zebra stripes, its polka dots.” Beth sighed, deeply. While I crinkled my nose.
   “It was Alex’s, but she’s gone and doesn’t want to take it with her, where ever she is. I don’t like polka dots. Zebra stripes are me, totally.” I replied.
   The rest of the Keballs had left awhile ago. I could just see the question marks still coming out of the teens’ heads.
   “Have you ever been out of America, Beth?” I asked.
   “Yes, I have actually. My dad went on a mission trip last summer. And took me along. We went somewhere in Indonesia. It was totally AWESOME! I would go again if I could.” Beth sighed, looking off in space.
   “Did you learn any of the language?” A (actually, only) friend out of the country, too cool.
   “Yep, I learned ‘Selemat Pagi’ which means ‘Good Morning’, I learned ‘makan’, ‘food’. Nasi Goreng is my favorite. That’s delicious fried rice. Yum…”
   “That’s so cool, Beth!” I replied.
   “Good night girls.” Mama went out of my room.
   “Good night, Beth.”
   "Good night, Carla Jane."

May 21, 2013

Bruno Diaries: MARCH 20, 2013

March 20, 2013 ,
          Well I spent the night in the shed, or gudung, as my owners call it. I'm gonna write this down so I remember: I call the big one cuddle, 'cuz she cuddles, the medium one I call awe, 'cuz she goes "awe", and the little one I call Bounce, you get the point of that one. Now let's remember, the girls' friends came over today so that was fun. Oh and ... never mind that was a couple days ago.
Gotta go ...

By, Adelaide

Based on her lovable puppy, Bruno.

Sadly, this will be the last of the Bruno Diaries because Bruno died about a week ago. :'( Very sad for everyone that knew him. 

Bruno Diaries: MARCH 16, 2013

March 16, 2013
      My name is Bruno. I am 6 weeks old and VERY cute. Today I was stuck in a pot. Don't ask me why. I don't know. But this lady took the roof of (she must be VERY strong) and then she put it back on, only she must have been getting tired of holding it 'cuz she kinda threw it back on.  And then she started to make really funny sounds. I think it’s called "laughing".  Or something like that.  Anyway then they took me out. WHAT A RELIEF!!!! And guess what?! Emily came over!!! She smelled like my Mommy! And today I learned something: COLLARS ITCH. Period. And also, rags don't taste very good. They kept stuffing them in my mouth. Anybody know why?  Well I know how to get up my perch now. It's fun. I'll add some pics.

By, Adelaide

Based on her lovable puppy, Bruno.

Smarty-Pant Sheltie

No!!! I am STILL NOT READING THIS SERIES IN ORDER!!!!! Haven’t gone to the library yet either…. On to the report!!!!

      1)       Title: Smarty-Pants Sheltie

2)     Series: Pet Trouble
3)    Book #: 6
4)     By T. T. Sutherland
5)    Age Level: 10-14
6)    Target Audience: Everyone, though it is based on a boy
7)     Stars: 5+++
8)    Violence: none
9)    Pages: 154
10) Main Characters: Noah, Jeopardy (dog), Heidi, Mom, Dad, Violet, Parker, Troy, Ella, Danny, Rosie, Eric, Rebekah, Merlin (dog), Trumpet (dog), Buttons (dog), Meatball (dog), Noodles (dog), Rory, Mr. Peary, Nikos, Teddy, and Alicia

  Abrielle Lindsay 

The Answers Begin: Part 3

Part 3 of Ali and Her Enemies
By, Adelaide

The Answers Begin
            “China claims none of the 5th grade girls wrote that note, but she suspects Aloha if anyone” said Mrs. Watson. “I don't get it, I mean, I believe China didn't do it, she proved it. And she made some good points about the other girls, too. But if she's lying . . .”
“She'll be in big trouble?” finished Ali.
“Not exactly, I would punish her if she did write the note anyway so it would be her parents' punishment that would be for the lying.” replied Mrs. Watson. “Oh, and I don't think she is lying about Aloha, I mean they're BFFs”
            “I have another idea,” said Mr. Martinez, “Let’s read the note, acting like it was found on the ground, then, over the intercom, ask if anyone knows who wrote it.”
“Ok, but no one will come fourth, I know those kids.  Especially Aloha.” replied Mrs. Watson, “Ali, go to the intercom and ask for Aloha Tate to come immediately.”
“Yes Ma'am”
            Aloha was not scared as she walked to the office. She didn't know why she had to go down, but she figured Mrs. Watson wanted to award her for making Ali stop acting stupid.
“Mrs. Watson, what a pleasure to see you!” Aloha exclaimed.
“I wish I could say the same to you,” Mrs. Watson replied, “Do you know anything about this note?”
“Only if you want me to” Aloha answered.
“Well, I certainly don't want you to. Do you know how mean this is?”  said Mrs. Watson
“Well if you don't want me to know anything about it . . .”
 “Don't even try, we all know, ok, I KNOW. Do you know your mom's phone number?”
“Oh wait we have it anyway” “But I won't to tell it to you, she got a new iPhone”
“Her number hasn't changed”