February 18, 2013

Puppy Place: Goldie

The Puppy Place: Goldie

          The Puppy Place: Goldie is about a family (the Peterson's  whose dad is a fireman, One day he brings home a puppy! The kids fall in love with it and the end up giving it to their neighbor.
          Series: The Puppy Place
          Book 1: The book is not labeled 1 but it is!
          Author(s): Ellen Miles
          Age Level: 7+
          Stars: 5
          Violence: None
          Pages: 76
          Main Characters: Goldie, Charles and Lizzie Peterson, Sammy (boy)
                   Goldie is a small, little, golden retriever puppy who was given to a firefighter, Mr. Peterson. She is bright and energetic. And very smart.       
Lizzie Peterson:
                   Lizzie is a HUGE dog lover. She is in 4th grade and has 2 brothers, Charles and Adam, which everyone calls “the Bean”. She lives with her Mom and dad, who is a firefighter, and siblings. She also wants the best for Goldie. She does research, and wants to make sure the adopting family of Goldie is ok.
          Charles Peterson:        
                   Charles Peterson is Lizzie's Brother. He is in 2nd grade and his teacher is Mr. Mason. Charles really wants to keep her! He doesn't want families to even come over and look at Goldie. His BFF is Sammy, who lives next door.
         Sammy: Sammy is Charles BFF and in 2nd grade, too. After his breakfast at home, he starts his day by going to the Peterson's for his 2nd breakfast. He has an older golden retriever named Rufus, who is lazy except when Goldie's around
          On the back of the book:
                    Charles and Lizzie Peterson love puppies. They want a puppy of their own more than just about anything. They know dogs are a lot of work. But their Mom still doesn't think their family is ready for a puppy.
          Then Goldie arrives. She is a sweet golden retriever who needs a home. Goldie is very young. She doesn't know how to be a good puppy yet. Will Charles and Lizzie be able to help her?

          I would recommend this book to Elementary Animal lovers. It is a great book and I really enjoyed it. It would be a great book for Dog Lovers especially. But it is full of humor and fun. I think anyone would like it.



  1. Very nice job at summing up this book, Adelaide. I'm very proud of you.

  2. This is very interesting. I would want to read from ur review. GReat job. love u Gma

  3. Gma,
    This is a great book/series. BUT, knowing that u r more of a cat fan, Ellen Miles also does a CAT series. One of us will review the series soon!

    Abrielle Lindsay


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