February 27, 2013

Rachel Yoder: Out of Control

More of Rachel Yoder!

Series: Rachel Yoder-Always Trouble Somewhere
Book 3: Out of Control
Author(s): Wanda E. Brunstetter
Age Level: 8-12
Target Audience: Girls, but I think boys could like this series if, of course, they wanted to or at least tried. ;)
Stars: 5
Violence: none
Pages: 159

Main Characters:
You should know all the main characters by now, if you don’t, click HERE and HERE.
About The Main Characters:
 You know what I’m going to say, right?
 Yep click the links above to 'about them'.
What I think About This Book:

This is another GREAT book by Wanda E. Brunstetter. Rachel learns aout self-control and that she can’t be in control of everything. Plus she learned that she needs to be patient and not rush through everything.
Even Jacob learned that he needs to be more patient.
But they still have trouble, humor, and fun.

On The Back:
Look out! Rachel’s Back,
and She’s Out of Control!
Ten-year-old Rachel is driving her Amish friends and family
“buggy” with her lack of patience, which brings trouble at
every turn-from sledding into a creek to ruining a yummy
shoofly pie, to flunking a test in school to being dragged
facedown into the snow. Will Rachel spend the entire winter
getting into more trouble than her Lancaster County family
and schoolmates can handle? Or will she finally discover that
patience has its own reward?

I recommend this for elementary reading level like I have for all the other books.

      Hope You Enjoy,
             Abrielle Lindsay

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