March 27, 2013

Ali and Her Enemies: Part One

Ali and Her Enemies
By, Adelaide

Chapter One
The Fun  
“Can you please pass the salt?” asked Ali. She was at school, pretending to think she was at home. It was a lot of fun, especially to see her teacher react. But her teacher didn't, she just said “Ok, here you go”, and passed her a bag of salt. “But wait, you don't have anything to go with your salt, here are some French fries,” Miss Woods. A couple people snickered.
     That afternoon, some more kids started doing the same thing. During P.E., one boy named Ailill Anderson was saying “But I don’t want to run around, my favorite T.V. Show is on.” Everyone thought that was just hysterical, “Me too,” said Ali, “Me three” called out another kid, A chorus of “Me ...” filled the gym. “Ok, how about we record them?” Mr. Martinez asked. A soft drone of oks, fines, and awes responded to him.
     The next day, Ali found a not in her locker. It said:
     We agree that your behavior yesterday was childish and foolish. Please grow up. That stuff is for kids.
                                  Aloha          Alice          Casey
                                                                             China           Flora          Dakota
                                      The 5th grade girls

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