February 25, 2013

Kitty Corner: Otis

The Kitty Corner: Otis
OK, so I guess you could say I'm reading more than my normal “2 books in 2 weeks” but it really depends on 3 things for that to be true, a) how much homework I have b) how long my books are and c) how good they are. So this week, I haven't had a lot of homework, these books are short and REALLY good! The Kitty Corner is like The Puppy Place but with cats. It's another series (Puppy place is like this) that you don't HAVE to read in order so, again, I'm not.
Series: The Kitty Corner
Book #: 2
Author: Ellen Miles
Age Level: 7+
Stars: 4 ½
·        I'm not a cat lover, but otherwise great
Violence: None
Pages: 85
Main Characters: Otis, Michael and Mia Battelli
          About the Main Characters:
Otis:  Otis is a stray cat found in an elevator by Michael & Mia Battelli and a worker named Pete. At first, Otis is scared but starts warming up to the family. Otis also likes music.
Michael & Mia Battelli: Michael and Mia are brother and sister. Michael is in 5th grade and Mia is in 3rd grade. They are both cat fans (unlike me) and have fostered 1 cat named Callie before Otis.
          I would recommend this book for elementary cat lovers. It is a great book and it’s a cool story, especially when they find him in the elevator.
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  1. Grat job Adelaide! I always look forward to your posts.


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