May 21, 2013

The Answers Begin: Part 3

Part 3 of Ali and Her Enemies
By, Adelaide

The Answers Begin
            “China claims none of the 5th grade girls wrote that note, but she suspects Aloha if anyone” said Mrs. Watson. “I don't get it, I mean, I believe China didn't do it, she proved it. And she made some good points about the other girls, too. But if she's lying . . .”
“She'll be in big trouble?” finished Ali.
“Not exactly, I would punish her if she did write the note anyway so it would be her parents' punishment that would be for the lying.” replied Mrs. Watson. “Oh, and I don't think she is lying about Aloha, I mean they're BFFs”
            “I have another idea,” said Mr. Martinez, “Let’s read the note, acting like it was found on the ground, then, over the intercom, ask if anyone knows who wrote it.”
“Ok, but no one will come fourth, I know those kids.  Especially Aloha.” replied Mrs. Watson, “Ali, go to the intercom and ask for Aloha Tate to come immediately.”
“Yes Ma'am”
            Aloha was not scared as she walked to the office. She didn't know why she had to go down, but she figured Mrs. Watson wanted to award her for making Ali stop acting stupid.
“Mrs. Watson, what a pleasure to see you!” Aloha exclaimed.
“I wish I could say the same to you,” Mrs. Watson replied, “Do you know anything about this note?”
“Only if you want me to” Aloha answered.
“Well, I certainly don't want you to. Do you know how mean this is?”  said Mrs. Watson
“Well if you don't want me to know anything about it . . .”
 “Don't even try, we all know, ok, I KNOW. Do you know your mom's phone number?”
“Oh wait we have it anyway” “But I won't to tell it to you, she got a new iPhone”
“Her number hasn't changed”

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