May 21, 2013

Smarty-Pant Sheltie

No!!! I am STILL NOT READING THIS SERIES IN ORDER!!!!! Haven’t gone to the library yet either…. On to the report!!!!

      1)       Title: Smarty-Pants Sheltie

2)     Series: Pet Trouble
3)    Book #: 6
4)     By T. T. Sutherland
5)    Age Level: 10-14
6)    Target Audience: Everyone, though it is based on a boy
7)     Stars: 5+++
8)    Violence: none
9)    Pages: 154
10) Main Characters: Noah, Jeopardy (dog), Heidi, Mom, Dad, Violet, Parker, Troy, Ella, Danny, Rosie, Eric, Rebekah, Merlin (dog), Trumpet (dog), Buttons (dog), Meatball (dog), Noodles (dog), Rory, Mr. Peary, Nikos, Teddy, and Alicia

  Abrielle Lindsay 

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