May 27, 2013

Chapter 2: A Friend, Really??

Hi again!! This is chapter 2 of my book. Thanks to those who read the book and then told me what you thought!! This is a shorter chapter, a lot shorter. Please, again, tell me what you think!!!
~Abrielle Lindsay

Chapter Two

A Friend, Really??

   It was Wednesday. The funniest part of the day thus far, was when Ms. Watts saw the ‘who-is-who’ list. She looked at me, then at Beth, then back at the list. She hadn’t given us the lists yet, it was, like, 10 minutes ‘til 3:00.
   “Hey, Ms. Watts! Where are our ‘who-is-who’ papers, and our lines!?” Rueben Anderson shouted from the back of the room. He was usually pretty quiet so this was pretty surprising!
   “Well, I, urrr, have changed, umm, I will give the lists out tomorrow. Beth, Carla Jane, please stay after class.” Ms. Watts didn’t look very happy. Everyone groaned (did I mention loudly?).
   “Beth,” Ms. Watts smile was sweet, but her eyes sure weren’t. “Did you write this?” She pointed at the ‘who-is-who’ list.
   “Yes, with Carla Jane’s help.” That was all Ms. Watts needed for her smile to fade.
   “But, Ms. Watts, How Beth wrote the story, I am the main character! She based it on our class. And I am Jana, surprisingly.” I felt myself blush. I barely ever talked.
   She turned to Beth. “Are-is that true?”
   “Every word.” Beth was sooo bold.
   “Oh, you two are dismissed.”

   We were walking to Beth’s house now.
   “Man, you were so bold Beth!” I was still kind of in awe.
   “No, that’s just who I am. You, you were the bold one, Carla Jane. You never even say a word. You were the bold one.” She smiled.
   “Hey Mom!” Beth walked in her house. “Can Carla Jane and I have a snack?”
   “Sure Beth. Help yourself to almost anything in the pantry.” Her mom held a big canvas and lots of paint.
   “My mom is an artist. ‘Oh, I have to paint this and this. And don’t forget that!’ It’s real funny when she does that.” Beth’s boy-short (as I would call it) honey brown hair matched her mom’s so when she imitated her mom she looked just like her.
   “Girl, my mom does the same thing! ‘Let’s stop here, guys. It’s a beautiful place to write. So peaceful. I even feel like the character.’ I love my mom and all, but I don’t like stopping at every tree in the park when we’re supposed to be doing a 15 minute walk.”
   Beth laughed really hard.
   “Ok, I got some Pringles. Let’s go to my room. Drew and Andrew probably are having some friends over like always. She rolled her eyes. No wonder she was totally calm around coo-coo head boys.
   “So, do you have a blog, Carla Jane?” Beth asked, she was on her computer.
   “Pphhst, what’s a blog?” She gave me this blank look.
   “It’s like a free website. See check mine out.”
  “‘Kayla’s Randoms’. Cute!! What do you do on here?” The background was... PURPLE AND WHITE ZEBRA STRIPES!!!! Oh my gosh!! Too cute!
   “Ummm, I post about randoms. BTW, when’s your birthday??” Beth click on a button that read, ‘New Post’.
   “May 11th. I’ll be 11, next year. When’s yours??”  
   “Cool. Mine is 2 days from today.” She still was staring at  the computer. “Can I take a picture of you, Carla Jane??”
   “Uh, sure?” Why does she want my picture?
   “Smile your best!”
   “Uploading,” She had put this little card in her computer.
   “Read it, Carla.” Beth backed away.
   There, right in the middle was a picture of me. Under it, Beth had typed,

One best friend forever, Jana.
   “You’re Jana.”
   A friend. Really??
   A best friend, unbelievable.

   I actually have a friend for keeps.

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