May 28, 2013


By, Abrielle Lindsay

Rain beats down all the time
Sometimes it sounds like a chime
The puddles go up and then down
The rain is all around

The rain could be harder
If it was, it would flood
If that happened, you might want your hood
But rain isn't getting higher and higher

How do you like this poem??? Tell me in the comments!!

~Abrielle Lindsay


  1. Dear Abrielle Lindsay,
    I love the poem! What type of rhyming stanza is it? It seems like they follow different ones, but it might just be my imagination. I like the way you describe the rain as a chime.
    Ella Ink (Hannah)

    1. Hey!! Thanks, Ella Ink/Hannah!! It was raining so I just typed it up and posted!! I don't really know what rhyming stanza it is. SORRY!! Thanks! It beats down on our tin roof. When the rain is light, it sounds soo pretty, like a soft chime.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Abrielle Lindsay

  2. Hi Abrielle:
    I've been reading your blog and I can tell that you are clearly passionate about your writing. Keep going!
    (I was linked here from Go Teen Writers)
    From Sam
    I blog over at

  3. Hi Sam!

    thx for reading! ;] aww, thanks so much! I love writing! :P ooohh, and i love ur blog! ;] i will diffidently be going over there lots! ;]

    abrielle lindsay


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