April 26, 2013

Pet Trouble: Bulldog Won't Budge

SO back for more laugh-out-loud out-of-order Pet Trouble books!!! I’ll go ahead and tell you. I’M STILL NOT READING THEM IN ORDER!!!!! SO my brother decided the other day, ‘Oh, I’m not going to finish the Merlin book.’ #1 Reaction: YEAH!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! #2 Reaction: Awwwwwwwww…… why do we have to go to the library tomorrow??? SO you can only check that book out WHEN it’s there. Not right after your brother returned it. :’,’,( Okay, I should be doing the report. Not how sad am I that I’m…….. I’m not even gonna’ go there! On to the report!!!!!
1)     Title: Bulldog Won’t Budge
2)   Series: Pet Trouble
3)  Book #: 4
4)   By T. T. Sutherland
5)  Age Level: 10-14
6)  Target Audience: Everyone, though it’s based on a boy.
7)   Stars: 5+++
8)  Violence: none
9)  Pages: 154
10)                       Main Characters: Eric, Meatball (dog), Mercy, Faith, Mom, Tony, Parker, Merlin (dog), Troy, Danny, Rebekah, Odyesseus (cat), and Ariadne (cat).
                   Abrielle Lindsay

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