May 21, 2013

Bruno Diaries: MARCH 20, 2013

March 20, 2013 ,
          Well I spent the night in the shed, or gudung, as my owners call it. I'm gonna write this down so I remember: I call the big one cuddle, 'cuz she cuddles, the medium one I call awe, 'cuz she goes "awe", and the little one I call Bounce, you get the point of that one. Now let's remember, the girls' friends came over today so that was fun. Oh and ... never mind that was a couple days ago.
Gotta go ...

By, Adelaide

Based on her lovable puppy, Bruno.

Sadly, this will be the last of the Bruno Diaries because Bruno died about a week ago. :'( Very sad for everyone that knew him. 

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