January 2, 2014

Reading VS. Writing

Hello all!

Before I jump into the main point of this post, I would just like to mention that i got a Kindle, and now I can buy tons of ebooks! ;) Kind of, i still need to pay back my mom for the Kindle... just a couple bucks. But since buying it, I have bought FIVE ebooks!! :D I've already read one, and have started the others. I can't wait to finish them! I'll give reviews on all of them, trust me. ;)

NOW. I have some news...

I will try very hard to put as little as possible about writing on here. Like maybe only edited chapters of my book.


I do it with my friends: Mary, Wild Horse, and Journey! And you can find it over at----> Ravens and Writing Desks.

We would love it if you followed, or at least signed up for the newsletter or something. ;)

TW Wright

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