January 27, 2014

Character Interview with Azar

Azar is a character from my friend's, Wild Horse, book. I am very excited to have Wild Horse's brilliant character here today! :) I hope you enjoy!

Wild Horse is a teen writer, coffee drinker and horse lover. You can usually find her patting her cat, reading a book, blogging or writing. She spends to much time on Pinterest and not enough time in the real world. You can find her over at ravensandwriting.blogspot.com, blogging about writing, or at her personal blog, opalswirls.blogspot.com. 

I.            Give us the basics, height? Eye color? Hair color? Last name? Middle name? Any family? (Only if you’re safe sharing)
I am 5'8". My eyes are Hazel, my hair is dirty blonde. My last name is Kepula, I do not have a middle name. I am just Azar Kepula. My Uncle on my fathers side, my Uncle, Aunt and cousin on my Mothers side are my only family. It has been 15 years since I was born. 

    II.            Do you enjoy learning? Or would you rather ditch the classroom?
I try to learn anything that may help me. 

 III.            Any animals where you live? If there are, do you own one personally?
Many, the King has sheep, cattle, goats, chickens and horses - and others. Personally, I have a horse. His name is Brandonich. 

  IV.            Can you read or write? If so, do you enjoy doing either?
I can read and write, father was most stern in this point. They can be handy at times, yes. 

     V.            Would you consider yourself brave?
Do I have a choice but to?

  VI.            If you were given the opportunity to take on an adventure, would you? Or would you leave it for another person?
I do not turn away from a challenge. 

VII.            Are you difficult on Wild Horse, the writer trying to fix your world (hopefully)?
One can only try, I like to cause trouble sometimes, but it is Cre and Japro who cause the most problems. They are difficult. 

VIII.            Do you dwell on your mistakes from the past, or do you forget them?
Mistakes are made, and if you make stupid ones... I do, yes. 

  IX.            Any best friends? Could you give us a little background on that friendship?
My best friend is Dobry. I grew up with him, and he came to Manua with me. He works at the stable. I have no idea why he is so loyal to me. We were born on the same day. 

     X.            What’s your clothes style?
I wear a lose shirt and leggings at home, with my boots. I strap my sword at my waste, and keep a dagger in each boot. Now we are on the move, I wear what Japro picked out.  

  XI.            Do you keep a journal? If so, how often do you write in it?
Something you write in each day? I do not keep one. The King has someone write down what he does each day though. 

XII.            Do you enjoy the holidays, or are they burdens on your back?
A holiday means a festival, so I suppose they are ok. I like escaping my maids, and joining in with the other people my age. 

This was lots of fun to read--in my opinion. And I hope in yours. ;) Thanks for coming over Wild Horse! :D And Azar!

Abrielle Lindsay

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