January 11, 2014

A Dog Called Kitty

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Title: A Dog Called Kitty

Stars: 4.5

Age Level: 7+

Violence: Talks about a kid getting beat up by a dog and now the kid has scars... but that's all I think....

What I Thought About this Book:

Oh gosh, this has been on my bookshelf for almost two years now and I love it. Bill Wallace was a favorite of mine long before I received this book, and this book just made me like him better. ;)

A Dog Called Kitty is about a boy called Ricky who doesn't like dogs. He doesn't just not like them. He hates them. But he's afraid of them too. Sometimes he'll touch the scars where he was attacked by a dog when he was a baby. But the puppy loves Ricky!

Whenever Mama comes out and calls, "Here kitty, kitty," a pup comes running. But the cats won't share, and the puppy is slowly starving. If Ricky doesn't overcome his fear, the pup might starve to death!

This is one of my childhood favorites, I still enjoy. Sometime soon, I should pick it up and read it again...

About the Author:

Former elementary school teacher; West Elementary School, Chickasha, OK, principal, since 1977, and physical education teacher. Speaker at schools and universities in various states, including State University of New York and University of South Florida.

Hope ya'll enjoyed that! This has been sitting in our office forever waiting for its own review! :P

TW Wright

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