January 8, 2014

The Cat Who Went to Heaven

Title: The Cat Who Went to Heaven

Stars: 2

Age Level: Hmm. This is quite hard. Though the story should be able to be given to a eight year old--I (age 12) was very confused. I must say that this is a 10+

Violence: None

What I thought about this book:

This is not a book that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was very confusing as the author had the reader jump from the artist's mind to Buddha's mind all in a matter of a paragraph. 

Throughout the entire book, Good Fortune was very likable *spoiler alert* [and I was sorry to see her die] *spoiler ended*

I must say that I am sorry I gave it only two stars and wish that I could give it more. But I was utterly confused throughout this book.

I do not recommend this book unless you can keep up with the quickening change of mind and your mind does not wander. I found it very easy for mine to do so.

About the author:

Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth was best known as the author of Away Goes Sally, The Cat Who Went to Heaven, which won the 1931 Newbery Medal, and the four Incredible Tales, but in fact she wrote more than 90 books for children. She was extremely interested in the world around her, particularly the people of Maine, as well as the houses and the surrounding land. She also loved the history and myths of her favorite places, those near her home and those encountered on her countless travels. 

Coatsworth graduated from Vassar College in 1915 and received a Master of Arts from Columbia University in 1916. In 1929, she married writer Henry Beston, with whom she had two children. When she was in her thirties, her first books of adult poetry were published. For over fifty years, she continued to write and publish poetry in collections and to weave poems between the chapters of her books of fiction.

Well, I hope that I am  the only one to not like this. If you've read it, what did you think? Did you enjoy it? Or was it as confusing?

Abrielle Lindsay

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  1. I read that book for school last year. I really enjoyed it. However, I did not find it confusing, but I can understand how you did. :)



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