December 31, 2013

14 Books I Want to Read in 2014

Uh. Hellooo. 2014 is tomorrow. *Ahem* tonight. So. I have decided to put 14 books that I want to read in 2014. Of course I will be reading many more, it's just the top fourteen I want to read. ;)

1. The Fairest Beauty

I finished The Captive Maiden in three days. This is the story that happens before The Captive Maiden so I have very high hopes for it...

2. Captives

This book is by Jill Williamson and I've heard it's a very good one. I am getting it with my birthday money. I cannot wait to get my hands on this one!

3. The Dancing Master

Another book by Julie Klassen (one of my favorite authors) which might explain why I want to read it. But the blurb makes it sound wonderful and the cover is gorgeous. ;) I wonder if or when my library is going to get it... they have every other Klassen book, I sure hope they get this one SOON!! I'm dying to read it!

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4. Left Behind >The Kids<

This is my all time favorite series. Ever. I totally adored it and I have to read it again. Judd, Vikki,
Lionel (sp!?), and Ryan are totally worth the time and effort! ;) There are forty books and I would need to have them read by April, before we return to the States for a period of time, especially since I have no idea if the local library would have them... I hope they do..... :)

Isn't this cover gorgeous?? 

5. Simple Christmas Wish

This book was recommended to me by Goodreads and the blurb looks awesome. I've been wanting to
read it since October, but sadly my library doesn't have it. :( I can't wait to see what the local libraries in America will have! ;)

6. Red Thread Sisters

This is a book about adoption and orphans. Leah Good recommended it on her blog TIO (click link)
and it sounds like a book worth the time. Red Thread Sisters is something I hope to get my hands on in the near future.

7. If We Survive

This is a book that Britt read, then posted a review, and then I thought that it was probably impossible for me to go on in life without reading it. How come I feel like that? Just the blurb reminds me of Left Behind >The Kids< which of course means that I have to read it. Soon.

8. Saving Levi: Left to Die... Destined to Live

Another book about adoption, again, the blurb and the cover are beautiful, and is marked a must read on Goodreads. *Sigh* This is another book that I MUST READ NEXT YEAR....!!

9. Camellia: Song of the River #2

I read book one, Lily, and now I need book two about her sister Camellia. Sure, Camellia was kind of
a snob in the last book, but it will totally be worth it to read about her adventure! ;D

10. Jasmine: Song of the River #3

And then comes along book three that is a must read as well! Jasmine is the youngest of the Anderson
girls, and the most adventurous. And adventure is one thing I love to read about. ;) Jasmine wasn't a snob (thank heavens) and her story should be the best! (Considering the blurb that is...)

11. Annabeth's War

Annabeth's War is written by a teen writer and everyone says it's a great read! :)

12. Swept to Sea

This is also written by a teen writer and looks great! Adventure, pirates, London. *Sigh*

13. Orphan Justice

The title also includes: How to care for orphans beyond adoptions.This is also a book recommended
by Leah Good and I want to read it soooo bad! ;)

And the last one.... *drumroll* 14. Kisses From Kate

I've heard lots of good stuff about this book. Kate goes to Africa as a teen for a mission trip and is
drawn there. I've also heard that this has some things* in it, but my mom agrees that I could read it.

*Things as in fights with parents

And there you have it! ;D Of course I'll read more books, just some starters... ;)

Abrielle Lindsay/TW Wright


  1. Sounds like an awesome list!
    Just a warning, Captives by Jill Williamson does have some content for older readers(13 or older). I was reading it, but my sister decided I shouldn't read it until I was thirteen.

    Also, If We Survive by Andrew Klavan is an awesome book! You should like it.

    The Illustrious MK(Missionary Kid),

    1. Thanks for the warning, Ryebrynn! :) And I've heard lots of good stuff about If We Survive! ;) I totally want to get my hands on it! :D

      TW Wright


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