December 9, 2013

Red Sun Blue Earth

Sayaka Sato is an ordinary fifteen-year-old...until 3:46 pm on March 11.

Title: Red Sun Blue Earth

Age Level: 12+

Stars: 5+++

Violence: This novel is about the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, there is a lot of dying and suffering in this book.

Pages: 248

Main Characters: Sayaka, Haruka, Megumi, Mom, Aoi, Hoshi, Dad, a teacher (i'm doing this off of memory, give me a break!), and Sayaka's class.

What I thought about this book:

I felt for Sayaka the whole way through. North does a good job with the writing, making Japan and the tsunami seem real, and making Sayaka a character with feelings. This book is one that I can pick up and read over and over again without being disappointed.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and cannot wait to get my hands on more books by Sienna North.

Book Description:

Sayaka Sato is an ordinary fifteen-year-old...until 3:46 pm on March 11, when an earthquake and tsunami strike Japan and rip her life into shreds. Sayaka is frantic to find her family, but first, she must survive cold, hunger, and worse. Will Sayaka be able to reunite with her family, earn their forgiveness, and forge a new life for herself, or will she be too late?

About the Author:

Sienna North is a writer, poet, and photographer. She was born in Japan, where she lived until age twelve, and has visited Japan during and after the 2011 tsunami. Her hobbies include reading Medieval literature, traveling around the world, and doodling in watercolor. She blogs on Christian Fantasy at She has been published in the poetry anthology The Sword & The Pen: The Poetry of HolyworldsRed Sun Blue Earth is her debut novel.

Where to find Sienna North:

Abrielle Lindsay

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