December 9, 2013

Lily (Song of the River #1)

A Natchez Belle's Hopes and Dreams ride on the Mississippi

Title: Lily

Series: Song of the River/Book #1

Age Level: 10+

Stars: 5+++

Violence: Yes, there is some, but if I dare tell, gosh, I'll ruin the story! ;)

Pages: 319

Main Characters: Lily, Camellia, Jasmine, Blake, Grandmother, Jean Luc, Tamar, Jensen, Papa, Mama, Aunt Dahlia, and Uncle Phillip.

What I thought about this book:

It took me five days to finish this wonderful piece of art. I loved Lily and Blake's journey growing closer to God and learning the meaning of forgiveness.

This is a wonderful book and I cannot wait to get my hands on the rest of the series!

Book Description:
Cruise down the Mississippi with Natchez belle Lily Anderson. Needing to provide for herself and her sisters, Lily is desperately trying to make a go of a riverboat venture with co-owner Blake Matthews. But they fail to find anything to agree upon. Blake is enamored of the feisty Lily. Attempts to woo her may be lost to the devious Jean Luc Champney. Will the siren song of the river evolve into a serenade or a somber lament?

About the Authors:

Diane T. Ashley, a “town girl” born and raised in Mississippi, has worked more than twenty years for the House of Representatives. She rediscovered a thirst for writing, was led to a class taught by Aaron McCarver, and became a founding member of the Bards of Faith.
Where to find Diane T. Ashley:

Aaron McCarver is a transplanted Mississippian who was raised in the mountains near Dunlap, Tennessee. He loves his jobs of teaching at Belhaven University and editing for Barbour Publishing and Summerside Press. A member of ACFW, he is coauthor with Gilbert Morris of the bestselling series, The Spirit of Appalachia. He now coauthors with Diane Ashley on several historical series.

Abrielle Lindsay

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