April 26, 2013

Pet Trouble: Mud-Puddle Poodle

I’m still not reading this series in order. I would have, BUT (ARRRGGGH!!) I told my brother ‘This is such a great book series! You should read it. And they are very boy AND girl appropriate.’ Bad idea. He stole the first book and is STILL reading it!!! ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Plus, just to make matters worse, there is only 1 copy of this book!!! Wah….. hoping he’ll finish it soon. Though I DID NOT get the 2nd book, I got the 3rd (I COULD have gotten the 2nd book, I should have paid more attention, but, sadly, I didn’tL) But I REALLY enjoyed this book. Laughed OUT LOUD several times.

1.        Title: Mud-Puddle Poodle
2.      Series: Pet Trouble
3.      Book #: 3
4.      By, T.T. Sutherland
5.      Age Level: 10-14
6.      Target Audience: I would think this one is more aimed toward girls, but this is a girl/boys series and Rosie (the main character) has 4 older brothers (and NO sisters).
7.       Stars: 5++
8.      Violence: none
9.      Pages: 157
10.    Main Characters: Rosie, Buttons (dog), Mom, Dad, Oliver, Miguel, Carlos, Danny, Michelle, Pippa, Parker, Eric, Troy, and Merlin (dog). 

                   Abrielle Lindsay  

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  1. Rosie's brothers are actually really nice-- and in the fourth book it was mentioned that Danny dated a girl LOL


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