April 24, 2013

Left Behind >The Kids< Through the Flames

FINALLY! So sorry so late. I was, uhh, too involved in the later part of the series. I’m on the 31st book now! Now onto the report!

Series: Left Behind >The Kids<

Book 3: Through the Flames

Authors: Jerry B. Jenkins & Tim LaHaye

Age Level: 9 & up

Stars: 5++

  • ·       Well, there are 2 murders (well, one we find out in book 2, but don’t know that it was a murder), someone purposely set a building on fire, which results in a fireman dying, and close calls. So okay, there’s a lot of violence in this book. But it doesn’t seem that scary since this is my second time reading it.

Pages: 143

Main Characters:

Judd Thompson Jr.

Vikki Bryne

Lionel Washington

Ryan Daley

Bruce Barnes

LeRoy Banks

Talia Grey

What I Think About this Book:
    So it went to not as gripping to very gripping. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, ‘Well, if it was totally gripping, why didn’t she finish it sooner??’ Well, because the later series is soooo toootally MORE gripping! But we’ll save that for another book report. ;) SO, anyway back to the report! Such a great book, SO totally amazing, so great, I’m on the 4th chapter in the 4th book!! But I won’t be doing that one since Adelaide already did it!!! So back to the book, READ IT!!! Great series, great book!!

From the Book:

Judd: The farther Judd got from the burning building, the stranger the experience seemed. Was this a dream? Had it really happened? He couldn’t imagine anything as traumatic as losing his family in the Rapture and being left behind, but neither had he ever been through something like this. The sounds of the blaze faded more with each step, and though he saw the shadows of the flames in the darkness, he had to turn and look once more to let the reality set in.
    Judd began to pray. He felt sobs rising in his chest as he thanked God that LeRoy, or whoever had done this, had not arrived while Lionel was still in the apartment. Surely he too would have been shot or burned to death.

Vikki: “It’s hard to grow up this way,” Vikki said. “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m having trouble. I have bad dreams, have trouble sleeping, find myself crying over my family, as if they’re all just dead and gone and not in heaven where I know I’ll see them someday. I know we’re all going to be called back to school one of these days, and I can’t imagine sitting through class with all I know now. If this Antichrist guy shows up soon and does sign some sort of contract with Israel, we’re gonna have only seven more years to live.”
    Judd and Lionel sat nodding.

Lionel: Lionel had tried so hard to reach his uncle for God. Judd could only hope that Lionel would eventually accept the fact that these decisions were personal. After all, that was why both he and Lionel had been left behind in the first place. No one could make the decision for them.

Ryan: The one thing Ryan couldn’t get out of his mind was that if this was true and his parents knew it, they would have believed. And for sure they would want him to believe before it was too late. But knowing it was probably true, even believing it, didn’t mean Ryan was accepting it for himself. Because what Vikki Bryne had said was right. If he bought into it, it meant he was admitting that his parents had missed out and were in hell. That was too much to take in now.

I still recommend this book for preteens/youth/teens that don’t totally understand what the Rapture is. I mean, you pick the (this is true for some people, my brothers friend won’t read the first sentence) book up and won’t stop reading ‘til you’ve read the entire thing!! So PLEASE read this series!!!!

            Abrielle Lindsay

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