October 24, 2013

The Readers Tag

Ok, so I decided to...start a tag! :D It will be called the readers tag! :) (not the greatest name, but today my brain seems like mush..:P)


-You must tag at least 5 people and no more than 12

-Make up your own 10 questions to give to your nominees--but they must be related to books. :)

-Let you nominees know that they were tagged

-You must answer your nominator's questions! :D

-Link back to your nominator

-You may not tag your nominator


1) How many hours do you spend reading a week?

2) Do you enjoy reading inside, or outside? Which do you like more?

3) Would you give up a week in Hawaii just so you could read an entire series?

4) About how many books do you read in a week?

5) Do your siblings enjoy reading?

6) Who are your fav literary couples?

7) What is/are your fav classic(s)?

8) Do you think you could survive the traditional publishing route?

9) Do you think that books can be harder to understand today, or are they always hard to understand when they were written in the 1800s-?

10) Do you like Anne of Green Gables?

I choose....

Britt @ Daughter of the King

Mary B. @ Mary's Moments

Bekah Joan @ Found and Cherished

Jess @ Seven Faraway Friends

Wild Horse @ Opal Swirls

Hannah Harper @ My Ink Castle

Maddie @ Totally Me

Journey @ a writer's world

Joy @ Tears of a Hawk

Amanda and Addie @ HERE XD

ENJOY!!!! :D


  1. Figured you would like to see the post on this one too!
    I had so much fun answering the questions!

  2. Thanks! might not get around to doing the reply soon... :( but maybe over the next week. Anyway, thanks!!!


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