October 24, 2013

Liebster Award ~Abrielle Lindsay~

All three of us were tagged by the wonderful Wild Horse over at Opal Swirls!! :) But, right now, it is just me who will answer! :) I will then let Addie and Amanda do their own answers! :D


-Link back to the blogger who tagged you 

-Answer the 10 questions (s)he asks me

-Nominate 10 other bloggers at the maximum

-Let those Nominees know they were tagged

Wild Horse's Questions::::

1) Green or Grey?

2) How many siblings do you have?

3) What color is your Bible? 

I have two Bibles, one is pink (|p) and one is black
4) Why do you blog?

So that other people will know about what goes on over in Indonesia, what books are awesome, writing tips, food recipes, and lots of other things! ;)
5) Do you have any pets?

Currently, we have two dogs--Brownie and Panther. My brother and I think we see our cat sometimes, but my mother claims that he is gone.
6) Do you drink coffee?

I WISH! ;)
7) Bushes or tree's? (Random, I know) 

(wow, very random question...) Ummmm, trees?
8) Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?


9) Do you wear glasses?

Yes! :)
10) Whatcha think of my blog? ;) 

It's is totes awesome!!!! :) Writing and cats!!!! :D

Now.... for those I tag... *rubs hands and laughs*

Joy @ Tears of a Hawk

Jess @ Seven Faraway Friends

Britt @ Shining Bright Critique Group (or you can do it on another blog)

Journey @ a writer's world

Mary B. @ Mary's Moments

My Questions::::

1) What is your fav book?

2) Books or Movies?

3) Writing or Reading?

4) NaNoWriMo this year?

5) Comics or Chapters?

6) Would you rather stay up 'til 4:00am writing or reading your fav book?

7) If you will get published, will you self-publish or traditionally do it?

8) What is the name of your WIP?

9) Do you know any published authors in person?

10) Would you pick up a novel with a red cover or a novel with a blue cover?


Have fun! And plz comment with your links!!!

~Abrielle Lindsay

P.S. (this seems kind of like a Books tag, doesn't it?

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  1. TW, I had a lot of fun answering your questions!


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