June 28, 2013

Oh No, Newf!

Last one!!! Sadly, this is the last Pat Trouble book right now. :( I soooo wish there were more!! Hopefully,

1)       Title: Oh No, Newf!
2)     Series: Pet Trouble
3)     Book #: 5
4)     By T. T. Sutherland
5)     Age level: 10-14
6)     Target Audience: Everyone (the main character is a girl, but this is my fav. pet trouble book, <3)
7)      Stars: 5+++++++
8)     Violence: none
9)     Pages: 164
10)   Main Characters: Heidi, Rory, Yeti (dog), Avery, Danny, Parker, Mom, Dad, Ashley, and owners of Yeti


    Abrielle Lindsay

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