July 21, 2013

No Dogs Allowed!

Sooooo, this is one of my FAV books EVER!!!!! Serious! Love it!!! I have had it 2 years and have read it I think 8/9 times, which, I don't even read most of the books that I read once, twice. So that just tells you this is a GREAT book! READ IT!!!!! (especially if u like dogs) To the report!!!!!

  1. Title: No Dogs Allowed!
  2. Series: none
  3. Book #: none
  4. By, Bill Wallace
  5. Age level: 9- forever
  6. Target Audience: Everyone
  7. Stars: 5+++++++++++++++++++
  8. Violence: none
  9. Pages: 214
  10. Main Characters: Kristine, Mattie (dog), Selena, Mama, Daddy, Meme, Papa, Anna, Kate, and Matt

     Abrielle Lindsay

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