March 6, 2014

The Last Thing I Remember

The Last Thing I Remember

Title: The Last Thing I Remember

Stars: 5++++++

Age Level: YA book. 12+, I think. 

Violence: I don't think I need to go into what violence is in here, just let me say, (HI, no, no, just kidding) there's a lot, but no where NEAR as much as there is in Left Behind >The Kids< series. 

What I Thought:

WOW. I am serious this book is just one big WOW.
Britt, over at Daughter of the King, highly recommended the If We Survive by Andrew Klavan. And after reading the back cover blurb I wanted to snatch it away and dive in. But I couldn’t. And I had never seen it at my library before. =(
BUT, I have just recently been exploring the adults area of the library and have found numerous TEEN books to read. =) Which includes books by Julie Klassen, ANDREW KLAVAN, Elisabeth Elliot, and so many more. But I saw The Last Thing I Remember, and thought, “That sounds like a great title,”.
So, I picked up the book, and I’m pretty sure that my jaw *literally* dropped when I saw that it was by Andrew Klavan. I looked back at the section of books where I had snatched it up from. If We Survive was there too.
In a hurry, I shoved The Last Thing I Remember on the shelf and grabbed If We Survive. I went to check it out, but it wasn’t the normal librarian, it was someone else who works there. But I handed her the book anyhow.
Then she told me that I couldn’t check it out because THERE WAS A COUPLE OF PAGES THAT WERE FALLING OUT.
UGH.  So I went back for The Last Thing I Remember. I was a little annoyed about getting it, since the one I really wanted lay behind the counter, out of my reach.
BUT, WOW, I SURE WASN’T DISAPPOINTED!! Andrew Klavan is an EXCELLENT writer and this book is such a great idea.
Charlie West wakes up tied to a chair with bruises and bleeding cuts. He doesn’t know where he is. The last thing he remembers is jumping it bed with a pretty girl’s number on the back of his hand. Then soon falling asleep.
He doesn’t remember anything after that. Lucky him he knows karate.
I’m sorry, I would tell you more, but I’m afraid that I’m going to give away the whole because of how pure genius it is!
My mom’s not sure if I should be reading it because it’s “gruesome” but then I remind her that I read the Left Behind >The Kids<. Which is way more gruesome.

About the Author:

This is his header on his website, I couldn't find a great picture of him on Goodreads. =P

Andrew Klavan, (born 1954), known also by his pen name Keith Peterson, is an American writer of mystery novels, psychological thrillers, and screenplays for "tough-guy" mystery films. Two of Klavan's books have been adapted into motion picturesTrue Crime(1999) and Don't Say A Word (2001). He has been nominated for the Edgar Award four times and has won twice. Playwright and novelist Laurence Klavan is his brother.

Abrielle Lindsay

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  1. I want to read these SO bad! I loved his book if we survive and he's an AMAZING writer =)


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