March 6, 2014

Papua Pilot

Papua Pilot

Title: Papua Pilot

Stars: An Absolute 5

Age Level: 9+ (really just depends on when you can understand the book)

Violence: Ehh, I don't think there was much, but, oh gosh, it was very appropriate. =)

What I Thought:

VERY, VERY, VERY GOOD BOOK. Excellent. Wonderful. GREAT. WOW. All of these explain Papua Pilot. You’re probably not surprised that I read and am reviewing this book since it is based in Papua. (my home) But honestly, I have been putting off finishing this book.
But, I looked at the books I am “Currently Reading” on Goodreads and decided it might be time to finish what I start.
When I had “stopped” reading it, it was on my Kindle. Sometime in between October 30th and February 28th, my brother broke my Kindle. =’( So, I’ve kind of taken over my mom’s Kindle—the first generation, which is oh–so big *winks*—for the most part. And I just started over reading Papua Pilot on Monday, March 3rd.
I was intrigued instantly. And wanted to read it through in one day. But I only got 32% that evening. =(
Ok, I have to admit that I thought I didn’t like autobiographies/biographies. But I started reading this, and now I’ve fallen in love with autobiographies. And then I realized that I’ve adored them for quite a while because I’ve been reading lots of Christian Heroes: Then and Now series.
This book is fantastic and a great example of selflessness. And such a great read. Probably many have not read it, but you are sure to not be disappointed. (You can’t be!) It is so worth buying. =)

About the Author:

Paul Westlund, 57, was welcomed into heaven on September 22, 2011, as a result of an airplane crash while serving as a Missionary Pilot in Southeast Asia. He loved to surf, exercise, and build and fly model airplanes. Paul was an animated storyteller and would become emotional nearly every time he got to the crux of his story line. Paul faced many difficult trials during his overseas service, and yet he could regularly be heard saying, "Isn't this just the best life a guy could have?" Paul is in heaven now because he gave his heart to Jesus.

(This is at the very end of the book...)

Dane Skelton is the co-author of this book. =)

Abrielle Lindsay =)

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