November 13, 2013

The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet

Hello all! I finished this book last night, it took me 11 days to read a 267 page novel by Stephanie Morrill. It was so incredibly good, I'm so glad that there is book 2, and that I am able to read it, right now. ;)

Title: The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet

Author: Stephanie Morrill

Age Level: 12+ (YA Contemporary Novel)

Stars: 5+++

Violence: A backpack is________ with ________. (Sorry, spoilers....)

Pages: 267

Main Characters: Ellie, Lucy, Palmer, Chase, Bianca, Marie, Bronte, Dad, Mom, Aunt Karen/Karen, James, Harper, and Editors/Agents, etc.

What I think about this book: The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet is a very good story. Ellie Sweet is a Christian girl writing a book. But nobody knows she's writing a book--not even her Aunt Karen who knows 'everything' about Ellie. This is a great book--well written. I'm so glad that I--along with numerous other writers--are learning from Stephanie Morrill at Go Teen Writers.

From the Book:

In the hush of the library, I draw my laptop out of my bag. Bronte is probably right that the contest is a waste of money, but entering somehow feels like I'm standing up for myself. Like I;m drawing my sword. Only it's more like drawing my pen, I suppose.
Though they say that of the two, the pen is mightier.

Where to buy the book:


This is an absolutely a great book. I can't wait to finish book two!!! :) ( I just wish that Invisibly Yours was a real book, like one I can pick up and read, it sounds totally awesome! :)

Abrielle Linday

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