November 10, 2013

Create a Character Link up

Hey all!!

Britt over at Daughter of the King, is having a link up! :)

From Pinterest

Name: Adela
Age: 15
Lives: In England 1300s

About: Adela is the daughter of a lord, her brother is heir, which just leaves here, out of place in a strange world. Even worse, she is held guilty for her mother's death that happened years ago, a spell is upon her that the world will end if she does not keep one little promise. She can not be betrothed to anyone. And if she is, doom will be upon the world. 
When the promise is broken, she must flee. When she thinks that she has escaped, the miseries come upon her, each of them gets worse and worse, until she has brought the world to what everyone believes to be the end. Then she must fight for her people, her country, her world.


This is a book that I am planning to write called, Forgotten Promise. Here is the beautiful cover that Britt made:

Thanks again Britt!!

~Abrielle Lindsay


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