February 7, 2014

Shadow Spinner

I realize that i never did this review. :P I meant to, honest. It has been on of the greatest books I've read for school. I loved it!! :D

Almost 1,000 nights of stories, but she's running out... can a crippled girl help?

Title: Shadow Spinner

Stars: 5

Age Level: 10+

Violence: Um. Eh, the whole point is that one woman is saving the lives of tons of others since the sultan is marrying a woman at night and then killing her in the morning. It's pretty violent. :P

What I thought about the Book:

I was very surprised at how good the Shadow Spinner was. I expected a "so-so" kind of book, an ok book--but I was wrong

Marjan's story is enchanting and I loved to read about her escapes out of the harem to visit the "old blind storyteller". *sigh*

I loved Susan Fletcher's voice, description, characters, everything. The story felt real and alive. Fletcher does a perfect job describing certain items, ways that I could never think of. It's amazing.

Shadow Spinner was an amazing book that I was very surprised by. I picked up it to read for school, and loved Marjan from the first page.

About the Author:

Susan Fletcher is the author of a popular trilogy that includes the books Dragon's Milk, Flight of the Dragon Kyn, and Sign of the Dove, as well as of several other novels for young readers.

With a medieval setting inspired by pictures of the Welsh countryside from where Fletcher traces her roots, the dragon trilogy features Fletcher's imaginative, dragon-centered plots, which have won praise from reviewers and readers alike. Calling 1993's Flight of the Dragon Kyn "a joy to read," Booklist contributor Deborah Abbott added: "Fletcher pens some of the best yarns around."

Born in Pasadena, California, in 1951, Fletcher and her family moved to Ohio when she was seven years old. She had dreamed of being a writer ever since she entered the third grade. "Back then my name was Susan Clemens," she once explained. "One day my teacher told us about a famous author named Mark Twain, whose real name was Samuel Clemens, whose daughter's name was Susan. It was fate, I thought. I decided not to become the daughter of a famous author (which is impossible to arrange), but to become a famous author myself (which is difficult enough)."

This is a great book! :) And a total must read!! Seriously. I was so surprised at how much I loved this work of art!! :D

Abrielle Lindsay

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  1. When I read this book I didn't want it to end. <3 :)


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